Building: How pirating hurts Second Life

October 25, 2014 • News

Building and creating objects in Second Life is not an easy task. Builders must be creative, innovative, and have a vast knowledge base of the software used to bring their creations to life. Some builders choose to work strictly in-world and sell their items to other players on the Second Life Marketplace website ( Other builders choose to purchase software such as Autodesk and Blender to complete their creations before making them available in-world. Some of these software packages cost upwards of $70 USD per year, and builders encounter excess cost to bring their items into Second Life.

Textures, or colors and graphics added to an object, cost $10 Linden (the currency used in Second Life) to upload. $2000L is approximately $10.14 USD. Though $10L may not seem like a great expense, most intricate designs and advanced objects in Second Life use multiple textures to make the object visually and graphically appealing. After covering the cost of creating their items in Second Life, builders have the opportunity to sell their creations and possibly profit from their hard work and dedication.

Players who choose to copy bot items that have been created at such expenses deter builders from bringing more of their creations into Second Life. It is against the Second Life Terms of Service to copy and pirate items because of the fact that the builders will not profit if their items are available for free. Most items for sale in Second Life are very reasonably priced. Creators do not expect to cover their expenses by selling one of their creations, but most do hope to break even, if not profit from selling what they make to other players.

Since the cost of purchasing Linden dollars is so low, and since it is fairly easy to make money in Second Life by acquiring one of many jobs that require little effort and incur almost no expense, purchasing rather than pirating items is not albeit an impossible task for the low-budget player. There are freebie stores, such as Freebies in London Mayfair’s Shopping Center, where players that choose not to spend any money in Second Life can find everything they need to have a successful gaming experience.


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