Buses – find out who’s ‘On The Buses’ in London?

January 19, 2016 • News, Second Life

Buses in London

Buses have always been a part of London. Now there’s a new up to date version which travels all over the city. Get ready to board the bus as it passes your stop. Jump on fast, because it’s an express shuttle and will be moving on pretty soon.


London Buses

On The Buses on TV

‘On The Buses’ was a 1970’s sitcom about the lazy Bus driver Stan and his conductor Jack who spend most of their time trying to avoid driving their number 11 bus to the Cemetery Gates. They’d rather hang around the front of the bus smoking than actually carrying passengers anywhere.


On the Buses TV sitcom

Their enemy was the obnoxious Inspector Blake who thankless job was to try to ensure the buses ran on time. This was a very difficult task with Stan and Jack, who’d rather hang around the front of the bus smoking than actually carrying passengers anywhere.

Worse still for poor Inspector Blakey, Stan (played by Reg Varney) and Jack (Bob Grant) are best friends, so they get up to all sorts of antics to make his life even more difficult.

Aired by London Weekend TV, it starred Reg Varney stars as Stan, the cheeky-chappie bus driver and his best friend, Jack (Bob Grant), as the conductor on his bus. When they’re not out on the road, they spend most of their time complaining, eating avoiding Stan’s family, or more usually trying to get one up on Stephen Lewis’s Inspector Blake. In his turn, he spends most of his time trying to get them out of the depot on time, and the rest of his time trying to get them fired.

Stephen Lewis, who plays Inspector Blake (‘Blakey’) and who had a distinctive toothbrush mustache was known for his catchphrase “I ‘ate you Butler”. Sadly he died on Thursday 13 August 2015.


London has its very own version of ‘On The Buses’. Dave Regent is the station master and takes Blakey’s role. He’s set the buses to run all over London. There are routes for shopping, routes for residents and also routes for sightseeing. If you’re luck you may also manage to find yourself on the number 11 bus at the Cemetery Gates.

Don’t look out for Stan and Jack now though, because the buses have been automated. Too many times hanging around the bus depot smoking fags meant that London had to replace them with robots.

Check out the new routes today and take a fresh look around London. You’ll be shocked at the great new changes and surprises awaiting you.

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