Cabaret in London brings style to the place

Cabaret with Sinners Burlesque

June 13, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Come Join The Cabaret

Saturday June 13th at 2pm SLT (10pm UK time)

Tox will be your Host and Master of Ceremonies.

You have to make this event if you make any event in London!

There’s a great routine by new member Sunni Parx and a special surprise dancer that will thrill you and give you goosebumps.

I’ve been given a sneak teaser about a guest entertainer to share with you. Apparently Juls is not able to make the event, so she has a talented stand in – who may come as a real surprise to you! I spoke to this entertainer and they said.

” I’m very nervous to perform in front of so many people. This will be my first time. I know everyone is welcoming at London’s Hyde Park and hopefully that will help give my all”.


Sinners in London

Cabaret in Hyde Park.

Sinners Venue in London’s Hyde Park


Sinners were delighted to be invited to perform in London and have had amazing support from the London team as well as the many people who have come to see the shows and provided some wonderful feedback.

Aura says:

“Probably the best show we have done so far, with some dazzling group routines and some very sassy and unusual solos. This will also be the London debut for our newest member, Sunni Parx, who came up with a fantastic routine and wow’d us all!”





Sinners Burlesque and Cabaret

Cabaret by Sinners

Sinners Burlesque Troupe


Sinners Burlesque has been open for nearly 2 years now and is owned by Sanne Blister.   Sanne and Aura Fitzgerald have known each other for about 4 years and between them have a lot of experience of dancing in Burlesque clubs in SL.

The club started as just the Burlesque club itself and has now expanded to a large parcel with a theatre, parks and a beach club with regular live events as well as the monthly cabaret. Although they have retained their Burlesque flair, the shows are a mixture of neo-burlesque and cabaret to appeal to a wider audience.

The Sinners troupe was recently joined by Skye Nightshade who is another experienced dancer with a long history of running events and clubs in SL.   She has been a breath of fresh air and fits in wonderfully with the management team.

There are regular contributions from Miss M, Sunni Parx and other talents which keep the shows fresh.

Their Birthday Cabaret is soon, so get that into your diary too.


 Get Your Cabaret Night Right

Cabaret seats waiting for you tonight.

Cabaret VIP seating ready for you.


Cabaret is a popular type of entertainment that often includes comedy, song, dance, and theatre. It’s normally known by the performance venue, which is often a nightclub with a stage for performances and the audience sitting at tables or in theatre style seats. They can then watch the performance being introduced by a master of ceremonies MC).

In some languages, Cabaret can also refer to a Mediterranean-style brothel where there’s a bar with tables and women who mingle with and entertain the clients. Traditionally these establishments can also have some type of stage entertainment, often singers and dancers.

I doubt this is what we will see today, but I have been told there may be some boobies!


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