Caireann Daor

Caireann Daor Fashions

August 9, 2014 • Business, Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping

Caireann Daor Fashions New to London Nights

Rapis Shackleton brings style to London Nights with Caireann Daor Fashions. I was lucky enough to catch up with him while he was setting up.

Caireann Daor

New Caireann Daor Fashions Store in London Nights

It was a perfect opportunity to put a few questions to him. First I asked about his business.

What Can You Tell Me About Caireann Daor Fashions?

Caireann Daor Fashion

Caireann Daor Fashion Store in London Nights

1. What types of services or items your business provides?

As of now woman’s clothing however we do hope to go into men’s also at some point.

Caireann Daor Fashion

Ladies Fashions

2. Short description of your business:

Caireann Daor Fashion strives to provide expensive quality fashion at a non-expensive price.

3.  What inspired you to start your business?

I was a affiliate vendor for almost a year and due to supply issues from those designers, low return in my investment compared to my expenses so I decided it be best to have my own line.

4.  Tell us about your business, what were your aims and goals in Second Life, for your business?

It is my goal to have a clothing line that has quality products, great looking clothing for the average person to wear. And then once in the store to have a shopping experience that is different.

5.  How long have you owned your business in Second Life?

About a year and three months.

Caireann Daor Fashions

Caireann Daor Fashions Store

6.  We’re thrilled to have your business in London!  What about London that  interested you to set up a shop here?

A good friend had told me about London. After visiting I could see the dedication of the owners by its design. It is a very well laid out area run by dedicated people. The people that visit here are very friendly.

7.  What are your future plans for your business? Any exciting or new products launching soon?

Caireann Daor Fashion has only just started so new products are coming onto the market as fast as they’re being made. We hope to have a full line of clothing from casual to club wear, evening to fetish.

8. If you could invite anyone from RL to your business, who would it be?

Good question lol. Since I always enjoyed her work let’s go with Sandra Bullock. She seems to look great in my opinion no matter what she wears. 🙂

Now Here’s a Little About Rapis Shackleton

Caireann Daor

Rapis Shackleton

1.  How long have you been in Second Life?

All together 5 1/2 yrs.

2.  What made you first join Second Life?

I used to be in RLC but a good friend invited me to look at SL.

3.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?

Chuckling…….I guess the furries and other types of avatars such as that.

4.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?

Chanta Rose

Thank you Rapis for a really intersting chat. We all wish you great success with your new store. If you get new lines out, be sure to drop us a line and let us know about them.

Now for a few pictures of the store and merchandise:

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