Canada Day Celebrations in London in Second Life

July 2, 2014 • News

Proud Canadian Flies the Flag on Canada Day

Howard showed Ara and Sun what a proud Canadian was by snuggling up with them in London nights. Canadians are very proud of their identity – which is why they guard it so fiercely. Have you ever called a Canadian ‘American’ – they’ll correct you instantly. The one thing they don’t want is for Canada to seem like a watered down USA. They’d rather be British! (that’s saying something!)

Canada Day

Canadian Howard with Sun & Ara

In London in Second Life we have a few famous Canadians. There’s Howard, who’s well-known and well-loved here. He likes cuddles with lovely young ladies wearing red & white. There’s also Jellica, who’s always in the middle of the fun. Being Canadian hasn’t removed her sense of humour either. Then there’s CK, who’s another loud-mouthed Canadian. These guys get around and are heaps of fun in London. Wish them all a Happy Canada Day today until they’re sick of hearing it!


Sun & Ara flying the flag over London Nights

Kissing Cousins on Canada Day

London celebrates Canada Day but obviously from these pictures ‘some people’ got a bit carried away! Celebrations were huge, and kissing was first-rate – until Jason and CK got intimate. I know Canadians are friendly, but seriously guys is this public display on Canada Day needed?

Canada Day

Jason Licking CK’s Tonsils

While Sun and Ara were happily flag waving in London nights, Jason was busy popping his tongue down CK’s throat. I think it was really a case of ‘date rape’ because CK didn’t seem to even be taking part. CK was just a floppy doll in Jason’s strong muscular arms. Raxor watches on. Is he waiting for his turn, or is he totally shocked to see that Jason and CK have had this hidden lust for each other?

Canada Day

Raxor waits for his turn?

 7 Short Facts About Canada Day

1. Canada Day is a public holiday for Canadians. It was known as Dominion Day.

2. Canada Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the 1st of July. This is the day of the British North Americas Act of 1867.

3. The celebrations commemorate Canada instated as a single country of 4 provinces.

4. Also known as the Birthday of Canada, it marks the joining of the British colonies, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the province of Canada divided into Quebec and Ontario.

5. Since 1958, the government has arranged for an annual celebration of Canada’s Birthday. Originally the Canadian Secretary of State was in charge of the Co-ordination of events. This included trooping of the colours on the lawn at Parliament Hill, a sunset ceremony, and live band with fireworks

6. Since 1980 seed money is distributed by the Canadian government. Through this popular and amateur activities are organised in hundreds of communities by volunteer groups to mark the day.

7. The sovereign Queen Elizabeth 2nd has attended many times including the Canada Day centennial.

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