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January 22, 2015 • Caption Contest, News

Sack Race in London

Sack Race picure to caption


Hyde Park is popular with everyone because there’s so much to do here. Recently a new addition has come to the park. Remember when you were a kid and had school sports day? London has brought this to the park with the latest thing to do – sack racing!

Everyone’s had a go but some were caught in the act! You decide on what Sun, Destiny and Sor were saying to each other when they were racing.. you caption it and decide.

The best, most witty caption will win $500 Lindens to spend in Second Life. So get your caption on there now!

What kind of things happen in Hyde Park?

Roller coaster ride.

Roller Coaster in the Park

The same as in any other park in the world. People are hanging out. They enjoy the day with picnics, boating around the lake, playing games, trying the rides like the roller coaster, walk along paths to see where they go, look at the sights and play group activities, like the sack race.

Play pounder in the park.

Other things to do in the park.. Pounder!

Because of all the fun people are having, it seemed appropriate for this to be the focus for a caption contest. So here it is….

About Sack Races

Start the sack race.

Sack race startint point.

Remember when you climbed into a burlap sack and hopped or fell toward the glory of the finish line at the school fete. Well the sack race is back!

There are many sack racing rules. But half of the fun of these games is putting your own spin on the rules!

Individual Sack Race:

To play this, you need one burlap sack for each person. The more people racing, the more fun it is because there are more people for you to bump into and push over. The rules here are pretty easy.

  • First, everyone runs to the sack, puts both feet in and begins hopping toward the finish line, where everyone’s waiting to egg them on.
  • Contestants must keep both feet in the sack and at least one hand on the sack at all times to make sure the sack doesn’t fall down.
  • The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knees. This is mainly because a sack round your ankles will be more likely to trip you up.
  • The first racer to the finish line wins which means people tend to tug others back in an effort to stop them getting there.

The race is a big one for fathers. Competitive fathers can finally come head to head, rather than see their sons battle it out on the soccer pitch.

Other sack races are the relay and team sack races but they tend to need more people.

As you can see, there was a competitive spirit in the park between Sun, Destiny and Sor. Can you guess who won too?

Last Week’s Winner

Hyde Park Caption Contest

Finally, we all get a hot girl Gumby doll to play with!..


Jennifer Davis won last week’s Caption Contest – well done Jennifer $500 Lindens on their way to you! “Finally, we all get a hot girl Gumby doll to play with!…” was her caption for this picture.

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3 Responses to Caption Contest – Sack Race

  1. I wonder who `comes` first?

  2. Jason says:

    Sack the lot of em!

  3. Sun says:

    I didn’t know NOS came in brown !

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