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Changing Rooms – Your Private Area

August 20, 2014 • Advice, Beauty & Fashion, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Shopping

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Changing Room Blues

Before today, no one has somewhere special to change. We can go to a remote corner, or even undress in the middle of the street or park. No one likes to be seen changing – we all want to appear out of the blue and go ‘tada’ in our latest and bestest outfits. It’s the best way to impress others and ‘wow’ the audience. Just like any diva our entrance has to be spectacular.

changing room

Open air changing spot. Not Ideal!

To achieve this, we used to be able to find a quiet island, a corner of the park or an empty shop and change there. Often people would come along and say ’Hi’ mid-way through the transformation. Either you can be rude and ignore them (thinking ‘oh ****’) or you can respond and forget the ultimate look you’re trying to achieve. Both ways it’s a lose/lose situation.

Magic Changing

But yet again London has listened to your needs!

Changing room

London Listens to it’s people!

You have a great new changing room, just like the best changing rooms available in the real world in stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Feel like a queen (or king) as you transform yourself into the most perfect ‘you’ ever.

Many Additions To Changing Rooms

The changing rooms are not just places to change your appearance.

You’re also provided with private booths so you get your own personal space, posing stands so you won’t have problems with those tricky attachments when you’re trying to adjust them, and a rez-zone. The rez-zone means you can open your purchase to take out the goodies and copy them into your inventory.

Changing room for New Users

The room is aimed at new users but everyone’s welcome here. It’s sure to catch on as ‘the’ place to get changed. I’m sure many other sims will copy our London idea, as usual, just because it’s a great idea. The changing rooms are made as a comfort zone for weary avatars tired of finding somewhere to change.

changing room

Weary Avatars find a refuge to change in

Perfect for new users, there’s everything they need there to assist them in changing their avatar, including a fabulous FREE ‘London Avatar’ in both male and female form.

Merchant Donations

changing room

Merchant shops in London donate Avatars for brand promotion.

If, as a merchant, you feel you’d like to add to the collection of avatars, so London can offer new users a selection of changes, please feel free to contact Jason Keegan or Sunshine5.

After all, it promotes your brand too!




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One Response to Changing Rooms – Your Private Area

  1. Sun says:

    love the blog about the “new” changing rooms Debs, what an asset to London .Great design too ,love the private cubicles and the pose stands.

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