Christmas Decoration in London Homes!

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Christmas Decoration To Blow You Away

Christmas Decorations in Second Life London will blow you away this year. Who said that virtual worlds can never be as god as the real thing? This is proof that ours are even better than the real thing.

Householders in London inSL have gone to town to make sure everything is right for Christmas.

Christmas Decoration

Santa’s Little Helpers

Residents in Second Life London have been busy decorating their homes for winter appeal. All sorts of winter and Christmas ideas have come out this season. From the over the top to the understated. Just as in real life, people have covered everything.

Christmas Decoration

Lanterns on the Doorstep Light Your Path

As we can see, wreaths, candles, and large glowing orbs draw guests outside to cozy up by the fire. Animated scenes create the ‘wow’ factor for passers-by, who want to stop and watch the action. I’ve seen Santa drunk, giving kids presents and riding reindeer but I’ve yet to see one where Santa’s stuck in the chimney!

London Residents Show Off Their Winter Homes and make London into a true Winter Wonderland as they decorate their homes for the holiday season.

Christmas Decoration

A Winter Wonderland Home

London wants to extend a great big ‘thank you’ to the residential community here in London for all their hard work in decorating their own homes.

You be the judge of their talent. For sure you’ll be amazed at the work that’s gone into decorating these homes.

Christmas Decoration

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

If you’re a little lost for what to do with your home to increase its roadside appeal, try one of these five ideas below:

1. Create a Walkway with Christmas Lights in Trees

Christmas Decoration

A Garden Christmas Tree

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the renowned Christmas tree and sparkling lights. Many homeowners love setting their inside tree up by the main window so cars driving by can see the lights, but what about replicating this outside too?

What about lining the walkway from the road up to your front door with miniature Christmas trees. You can mix small green trees with white ‘snow covered’ trees or spiral trees made up of Christmas lights.

2. Welcoming Wreath

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Wreath

For homes with a gate or a fence, you already have a perfect location for a traditional Christmas wreath. Mostly, found on the too, placing one at the entry can be a great way to set the scene. Traditionally, wreaths are used to welcome guests to the home throughout the festive season, so putting one at the first point of entry will make them feel welcome even before they cross the threshold. To promote a cosy country look, you can line the fence with a variety of wreaths secured by wiring them onto the fence.

Garlands can also create a classic look to your homes’ exterior and add to its Christmas spirit. To add some colour, change the options, what about purple or blue as a different way toshow off your Winter home.

3. Bring Your Home to Life with Lights

Christmas Decoration

Twinkling Lights

Coloured lights are tied to the festive season so be sure to include some in your outdoor decorating design. Drape them over your house, over your fence, or over just about anything that looks like it could do with a bit of brightening up.

String decorative light strings along the fence or create that icy Christmas look with icicle lights – this will help to create a white Christmas look with falling snow.

An outdoor Christmas tree would look lovely with twinkling lights to add that essential sparkle. If you want your home to look a little different this year, a Christmas light planter can be a fun idea to try.

4. Snowy Sled and Silly Santa

Christmas Decoration

Santa on your Doorstep

Outdoor decorations cannot be complete without Santa and his snowy sled or reindeers. You can purchase a light up Santa or reindeer and sleigh decorations from the marketplace. Be creative with this one, as there’s absolutely no limit to your imagination!

Christmas Decoration

Being adventurous with Santa and his Reindeer

You can have Santa positioned to make it look like he’s climbing up on his way to or even into the chimney. You can be really innovative with this one and even sit Santa up there (viewable from the street of course) with his sleigh and reindeers. Alternatively, sit Santa with his reindeers by the door or behind your fence in the garden.

5. Dress Your Door Up

Christmas Decoration

Dressing Up Your Door

As you dress up your gate and fence, continue the festive theme to your front door as well. For a cheap alterative, use a leafy garland with pinecones, berries, branches, brightly coloured ribbons and leaves. You can also illuminate the decorations by getting a garland with flashing Christmas lights that light up at night time.

Christmas Decoration

Going Polar for Unusual Decorations

As with the gate, add a welcoming wreath to the front door to make your home look really welcoming. Next to it, fill a large plant pot with giant candy canes or a potted berry and branch arrangement to draw attention to the area. Don’t forget too, when you’re decorating make use of all windows and doors that are visible from the road.

With these fun Christmas decorating tips, your house just may make it to being the best Christmas light and decoration display! Either way, you and your friends and family will have hours of endless fun getting into the festive spirit this year.

Enjoy Decorating!



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