Christmas Decorations Thrill in Second Life!

December 19, 2014 • Culture & Community, Garden Design, Home & Garden, News, People, Property News, Second Life

Christmas Decorations Thrill Londoners

London, always popular and always busy once again scoops a coup. London residents dress their homes in their individual style – and what style too!

Thrills, spills, shocks and shakes. This is a Selfridges or Harrods window on steroids.

Residents Show Off Their Winter Homes

Residents in popular London are outdoing each other with their outrageous holiday decorations. The local community homes will shock and thrill you This Christmas.

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 All these residents have lovingly decorated their homes. See what you think to it?

London has always been one of the most popular destinations in Second Life. Even since it’s start in 2007, it was the choice of many new users as their starting location as well as loads of regulars and residents. This year we want to show off the resident’s hard work at decorating their homes for the holidays.

Linden Lab also appreciate their work and their pride in their homes and honoured London with a place in the destination guide to show off the home owners’ handiwork.

Check out the homes for yourself because you’re in for a shock!

Christmas Decorations

Snowbound Cottage

These talented people have made all sorts of scenes and stories in their front yards. Christmas decorations range fromthe very subtle, like a single wreath, to the truly outrageous. One of the most outrageous in Bayswater Road is Winter Wonderland by Kaydence. While there make sure to check out Bree’s version of Santa’s Workshop, Rosie’s drunk Santa and Sun’s ‘Frozen’ Rudolph which are equally wonderful. Reine’s Cottage in Hyde Park has also become snow bound and it looks like she will be struggling to get down her drive this month.

Knightsbridge both Subtle and Sinister

Christmas Decorations

Huge Snowmen in the garden

In Knightsbridge they haven’t been slacking either. Fae Arwen Everdeen has created a magnificent postcard perfect London sceneSadie has gone for the traditional Christmas garden, Bigga & Jules went big on snowmen and Lexie chose a rather more sinister look to her Christmas decorations. Meanwhile, in Trevor Street Caroline Bunty Mainwaring-Hicks who lives at Brook House and Peyton Place who lives at Addington House went for the low key approach of wreaths on the door.

Showing Off Sloane Street

Christmas Decorations

Stylish Sloane Street Surprises

Residents in Sloane Street also came up with amazing creations for winter.  Bibe invites you to join her in a cup of Hot Chocolate and Benny Irks offers you a cup of Christmas Coffee. Daniel has two friendly snowmen standing in his yard wishing you Merry Christmas in both English and Spanish (Feliz Navidad). Across the road Chandler Thomas Wilkinson has a modern visual treat with traditional Christmas Trees and poinsetta. Make sure you also check out the other end of the street where Lilium has made her yard into a gift filled treat for children of all ages. Around the corner in Cadogan Place Pari joins Caroline and Peyton with the minimalist look.

Holmes in London Mayfair Baker Street

Christmas Decorations

Elementary My Dear Watson!


Over in London Mayfair Darius Godric shows us what happens at Sherlock Holmes’ place over Christmas. He invites you inside too so you can share in the joy of a Victorian Christmas with him.

All these homes are the creations of the residents in London who we love and adore. Thank you guys for believing in London and staying with and supporting us throughout the year.

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