Christmas Santa Caption Contest

December 15, 2014 • Caption Contest, News, Second Life

Christmas Santa Caption Time

So we have two Christmas Santas in our caption for this week. Which one would you choose to slip into your stockings?

Christmas Santa Caption Time So we have two Santas in our caption for this week. Which one would you

Two Santas to choose between

Could be fun to see what they say to each other. How about you having a try here?

To take part, check the rules and join in the fun !!!

Last Week’s Caption Winner

Jules won last week’s caption with the line “`trust me, im a dalek` he said to chase as he snapped on his latex glove.” – Well done Jules $500 Lindens coming your way!

Santa Facts

Meanwhile here’s 5 fun facts about modern Santas.
1. Secret Santas

Christmas Santa

Secret Santa Larry Stewart

Larry Stewart from Kansas City, USA, a successful businessman was known for years as “Secret Santa”. He revealed himself in 2006 before he died of cancer in 2007 at age 58. He wanted to inspire others to do random acts of kindness. For 26 years he roamed the streets in December anonymously handing money (often $100 dollar bills) to people he thought could use a lift. He gave a total of $1.3 million. He believed in philanthropy; that we should help each other. “Secret Santas” are being trained to continue Stewart’s work Donations can be made to the Secret Santa Foundation by visiting the above website.

2. Oldest Santa School in the World

Tom Vallent is not only a famous Christmas Santa Claus but the current Dean of the oldest Santa School in the world, the “Charles W Howard Santa School” in the USA. The school teaches people from all around the world who wish to portray the spirit and image of Santa and more recently they are also teaching Mrs Claus! The school was established in 1937. It is the world’s oldest and longest running Santa School dedicated to the art of portraying Santa Claus. A famous saying of Charles Howard the founder that has been passed down to all their Santa’s to declare to the world: “I am the spirit of Christmas, I stand for love and giving”. Charles Howard was also the technical director of the famous Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street. Charles W Howard Santa School website:

3. Santa Tim & The International University of Santa Claus!

Christmas Santa

Santa Timothy Connaghan

Founded by Santa Timothy Connaghan in 2003. Tim is the current Chancellor. Tim is also the owner of (a company who supplies real bearded Santa’s all over America) and the Executive Director of Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas! Tim is the reigning Santa in the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade and is a famous Santa whose appearances include Dr. Phil, the Tonight Show and Jay Lenno Show. Tim Connaghan, aka Kris Kringle, has played Christmas Santa Claus for more than 36 years. A former charitable fundraiser and producer of major special events raising millions of dollars for major charities. He’s also the author of “Behind the Red Suit – the how-to book on the Business of Santa Claus” part of the curriculum at IUSA. For workshop info:

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  1. Wiccy Shackleton says:

    Bad Santa :p

  2. Jon Price says:

    Who ate all the pies?

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