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August 9, 2017 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Coach & Horses New Look

London is excited to announce that the Coach & Horse pub in Mayfair is now run by Wiccy Shackleton and Ravesoul86.

This authentic English pub is found proudly upholding a fine London tradition on Park Street on the London, Mayfair sim, The Pub will feature DJs and Live musical entertainment on the weekend; and to help break up the week, quiz and game night on Wednesday evenings from 10am-2pm SLT.

The pub promises to offer themed sets, contests, games, trivia, a bimonthly masquerade party and a comfortable place to just kick back and talk to your friends or make new ones!

The Coach and Horses has several aspects making it quite unique. The first floor provides intimate booths where you can enjoy live entertainment, or you can sit at the bar and chat with others.

Just outside the back you will find a cozy gazebo in the beer garden, a great place to cuddle with your favorite guy or gal. On the second floor sits a larger dance floor where the DJ’s will take requests for some of your favorite oldies, blues, rock, and country tunes.

Open in London Mayfair since 2007

The Coach & Horses opened for business as a key destination in London Mayfair’s ambitious and ongoing development as early as 2007.

Under new management and featuring totally new and improved exterior and interior design, the pub provides Londoners – particularly Hyde Park newcomers and regulars – a new place to gather and socialize.

Designed on a cozy, human scale, the Coach & Horses is a first-stop destination for conversation, dance, and friendship, a place to hang with old friends and make new ones.

Patrons can pull up a bar-stool, imbibe in quality spirits, play a game of darts, relax in a comfy conversation booth, or display their dancing prowess.

While graphically based on the similarly named tavern on Bruton Street, the pub shares more in spirit with the Soho Coach and Horses, a gathering place for bright, witty conversationalists.

The clubs’ managers, Wiccy and Rave, aim to make Coach & Horses a “vibrant, friendly, fun experience, and the first port of call in Mayfair.”

The venue features top-to-bottom redesign and refurbishment, located in Mayfair, directly across from Marble Arch, next to Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner.

For further information, contact Wiccy or Rave.

Celebration & Private Party

The perfect place for a Birthday Party – if you want yours here, just contact Wiccy or Rave. It’s a guaranteed great time with London’s best DJ’s in a London themed pub, Whatever your celebration, book now to hold your special event here, before someone else beats you to it.

For bookings check out the regular Schedule first, then book into a free spot.



London Mayfair brings a Real Life London Pub tradition to Secondlife

The Coach and Horses is one of the best-known British pub names. In Real Life London alone there are still over fifty Coach and Horses pubs. The innkeeper would advertise this with a sign depicting both a coach and a horse. This indicated that not only did the place have everything the tiresome passengers could wish for, but even provided lodgings for the exhausted mounts, allowing them feed and water ready for the long journey ahead.

Not content with this rather prosaic explanation of the name, the landlords of Coach and Horses pubs across Britain apparently regale their customers with a rather different story. The story goes that an eighteenth century coach is drawn along by four horses and driven by a ghostly figure.

Those who saw the ghoulish happenings describe that as the coach came closer, they saw a headless driver! If this isn’t enough to whet the appetite of ghost story enthusiasts, the passengers of this supernatural coach are also seen staring through the windows with their skull like faces!

So put on your loafers or stiletto heels and visit the Coach and Horses Pub in Mayfair, but beware of the fabled headless driver!

Managers Wiccy and Rave are looking forward to seeing you and hearing from you.


Real Coach & Horses on Bruton Street in London Mayfair



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