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February 5, 2015 • Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic, Second Life

Coach and Horses in London Mayfair

Coach showing DJ and Host

Coach and Horses on a Tuesday

Come along down to the Coach & Horses for a great selection of music. 6 whole hours a night of classic sounds and latest hits. As ever under the eyes of manager Ali, the kindest and sweetest manager the Coach has ever had.

Coach Nostalgia

Coach comfort in the hot seats

Ali sitting watching while Add listens to the sounds

Come and listen to DJ Crazy! His Somerset selection ranges from the ‘Wanna be’ Spice Girls to Kenny Rogers’ ‘Lady’, visiting the Blues Brothers’ ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ on the way. All classic greats bound to drive a memory or two straight into your mind. Some outrageous tunes from the past include Sam The Sham, The Pharaohs ‘Woolly Bully’, Grease ‘Summer Nights’ and Culture club ‘do you really want to hurt me’. Do you remember these?

  • Where were you when these were hits? If you can remember and you were even alive then, drop us a line, we’re dying to hear your story…

DJ Crazy

Coach DJ Crazy

DJ Crazy who plays all the sounds.

It’s a crazy insane mix by DJ Crazy, a mix of US and UK hits that we all remember so well. Cheesy? Yes and proud of it! His chat over mic keeps you entertained with his quick wit and repertoire. Yet a lot of thanks for a great night has to go to host Zozo, who welcomes everyone with open arms and a crazy dance hud. Don’t get added unless you want to dance as if you’ve just found a brand new style of dance pole and have to try it out NOW!

Summer Sensations

summer in London

Pretend it’s summer in Second Life’s Coach and Horses Pub in London Mayfair

It’s great to have such cheerful music in early February when the snow is on the ground and it reminds you of heady summers past. Many of these were hits throughout the summer and remind us of warm days and romantic nights as well as all the fun we had being foolish.

Celebrations For Sweethearts

Coach and Horses

DJ Lazy watching on and enjoying the sounds of DJ Crazy

Soon it will be summer again, both in Second Life and real life, but first we’re all looking forward to Valentine’s with our sweethearts. Have you got something special for your sweetheart yet?

If not, pop down to London Mayfair where the shops have a Valentine’s theme just for you to choose your sweetheart a lovely surprise.

Songs played by DJ Crazy that are just right for Valentine’s Day include Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ and Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

Thanks for a great night DJ Crazy and host Zozo!

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