Colin Returns!

January 5, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

Colin is back in London

If you’ve been part of Second Life London for some time, you’ll know about Colin, the chippy van owner. You may even have met him once or twice or you may just have heard rumours about him.

Fat Colin is back again. Everyone is pleased to see him there.

Fat Colin returns!

Last summer he left the park because his girlfriend Katrina got jealous and didn’t like all the female attention he was getting there.

Colin is the biggest babe magnet in London

Fighting over Colin? Will Fat Colin’s return turn best friends into bitter enemies?

Where did Colin go to?

To keep her happy, he took her on a world vacation and visited all the places she’d always wanted to go to. They went to Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Sydney and to an alpaca wool mill in Chile. Katrina had a wonderful time as Colin loaded her up with presents. Unfortunately 2 days after arriving at the wool mill, Colin ran out of money.


Now you see her, now you don’t.. who’s Colin’s little visitor?

To pay for their air fare back again, Colin had to work long hard hours in the wool mill, leaving Katrina to fend for herself in the nearby Five Star Hotel. Of course Katrina wasn’t happy when Colin got back every night at 2am smelling of sweat and alpaca so she found a playmate. While Colin was being the alpaca mule, Katrina was riding the high life with her latest beau who flew her everywhere in his private jet.

Chuck and Katrina went water skiing in Acapulco, went up the Andes to visit Machu Picchu, sailed down the Amazon, got a helicopter to the top of Angel Falls and visited Easter Island. Because of Colin’s early start at 4am and his late arrival back at the hotel, Katrina was able to go to these places and back before Colin knew about it.

After a week of spending the day with Chuck and having to sleep with dirty smelly Colin, Katrina had enough. She took all Colin’s gifts and moved out of the Five Star Hotel into Chuck’s Billionaire lifestyle.

Colin at alpaca mill

Colin working as an alpaca mule in Chile (photo taken by secret reporter on location)

Colin was left abandoned, working as a pack mule for long hours for less than a bag of oats in payment. The mill owner took pity on him and found him a fare back to London on a steam boat, providing he worked there as the deck boy. He arrived in the UK just before Christmas and spent the festive holidays, heartbroken, with his good old mum.

Does Colin cause rifts between friends?

Destiny and Sun – will they remain friends?

Where’s Colin now?

Since Christmas he’s obviously once again a free man, so he’s back in London and serving your favourite greasy spoon grub!

To get over the loss of his love, Colin’s now serving Fish & Chips, mushy peas, pies and pasties to the saucy ladies London. He’s pitched his caravan at the new Hangout area. He knows all the lovely ladies will be hanging out there waiting to sample his greasy wares. As always he’ll get flak from the guys who’ll be losing their lovely ladies to this Casanova, so he’s already got his fly squatter in his twitching hand waiting for you.

Colin's attractiveness always succeeds.

Colin attracts the ladies, the guys won’t be far behind.

Colin’s Chippy is a time honoured British Tradition of greasy food. Whether you’re going to the fair, to the pub or just hanging out in the park, Colin’s chippy has the right meal with the right amount of grit in it… just for you!

Colin’s waiting to hand you greasy fish & chips wrapped in newspaper. There’s also a rumour that Elvis Presley’s daughter’s been working in the van with him. Don’t look too closely at his apron – you may never come back! In spite of his dodgy hygiene, Colin’s a laugh. He’ll have you in stitches when he tells his joke about the nun who bought a hotdog!

So visit him soon.





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