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Cowboys and Indians on Planet Earth

August 4, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Cowboys and Indians crowded into Planet Earth. Not in the days of the mid-west, but today at the Plane Earth dance club.


AliKat dressed as a squaw

People were Pow Wowing and Western Dancing to music mixed by the lovely DJ AliKat and fabulous host AlexisBrev. Ali was in full squaw regalia while Alex was supporting her with a great welcome.


Alex hosting in modern Indian outfit

Cowboys and Indians as kids

How long is it since you’ve played Cowboys and Indians in your back yard?Why did no one ever want to be an Indian? It’s all changed now because the Indians get the best costumes and it’s cool to be a ‘first person’.

What a great way to bring back the thrill of shooting someone with your cap gun or poking them in the eye with an arrow.


Kids Playing Cowboys and Indians

I remember the smell of the caps when fired, of piling them all together in a heap and setting fire to them and watching them set fire to the table. Then having to tell my mother it wasn’t me that did it!

Cowboy and Indian Competition Winners

Childhood memories are long gone, but LabRat revived them with this great new competition.

People really went to town and I was divided as to who to vote for, Simon or Ascia. In my opinion both looked really good, but sadly I only had one vote. I gave my vote to Simon, who won with 3 votes for his excellent Indian Chief Outfit. Well done Simon.

Ascia Rewell was also a winner of L$83, as were kyte Lanley who wonL$166. Patty Prasinos and Nathaniel Residentwon the same as Ascia.

What’s on Tomorrow at Planet Earth

Day: Tuesday
Music: Industrial
The DJ: Quin
The Host: Bryn
Time: 11am-1pm SLT (UK Time +8 = 7pm – 9pm)
Competition: Best in Garden for $500+

Come along to listen to the fittest club sounds around at Planet Earth, London’s newest Club

Acting Manager LabRat wants you to have fun with Quin and Bryn, so come along and join in ! PLANET EARTH @

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