Cowboys/Cowgirls In The London Sims by Jas (Blog 243)

March 15, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Steamboat  Cowboys and CowgirlsSteamboat

On Monday we were “home on the range” in the London Sims , as we celebrated all things Cowboy or Cowgirl related. The event at Chubby Checkers, in Mayfair, had 1000L on the board.

 photo Snapshot_0614_zpsff972eda.png photo Snapshot_0607_zps428909ff.png

“Cowboys and angels leather and lace

Salt of the earth meets heavenly grace
Cowboys and angels tested and tried
It’s a long way to heaven
And one hell of a ride”

“Cowboys and Angels” Garth Brooks

DJ JB Goode (below,left) led the line – dancing – along with fiancee Jade, who was also host.

 photo Snapshot_0732_zps8186c242.png

I post this joke as a blonde myself (RL)- it`s not an insult to any of the sexy blondes at the event!

Why don`t  blondes make good cattle ranchers ?Because they can’t keep their calves together!!

Yule Logs Page v photo Snapshot_0608_zps49f04053.png

A Cowboy Riddle:-

A Cowboy rides into town on Friday.Then 3 days later he leaves on Friday. How is this possible?

(See answer at the  bottom of  this page.)

Champion Cow Girls (5021369348)

I think our sexy cowgirls (below) beat the ones pictured above hands down!

 photo Snapshot_0364_zps4a51b56d.png photo Snapshot_0695_zps17877b01.png

” How ’bout them cowgirls

Boys ain’t they somthin’
Sure are some proud girls
And you can’t tell them nothin’
And I tell you right now girls
May just be seven wonders of this big, old round world
But how ’bout them cowgirls”

“How `bout them cowgirls” sung by George Strait

 photo Snapshot_0635_zps3809647d.png

Entertainments Manager Roach seems to be looking in the wrong direction for some cheeky fun!

More Random Guests at Chubby Checkers

We had some even more unusual guests at Chubbys this week, too! (see below)

 photo Snapshot_0278_zpsa2b641bb.png photo Snapshot_0245_zps47d9c123.png

Cowboy Riddle Answer – The horse was called Friday!

PS: Speaking of horses -Come on down to the Coach and Horses at 10am SLT today (Saturday) and play Irish themed trivia, with Linden prizes. Don`t worry if you think you know nothing about Ireland. I`ve got some music and movie quetions in there that everyone will know.

Besides, it`s guessing silly answers that makes it all the more fun!

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