Crofty’s Time Tunnel

August 16, 2011 • News

Monday 15th August  Crofty presented another monday night Time Tunnel. This show consists of one hour each of music from one year of the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s, each hour ending with the UK #1 song from the corresponding day of that year. This week we heard 1967, 1970, 1986 and 1993

The contest was Doctors & Nurses  and the prize was eventually L$700
All the guests thoroughly  enjoyed themselves and by the end of the evening most were even singing along to the tunes as the “Choon Choon Train” pulled into 1993
RetroGrade weekly programme is as follows (subject to change)  :-
Monday – Crofty’s Time Tunnel
Tuesday – Prettybones Pink
Wednesday – Neilio’s Muppet Show
Thursday – Crofty’s Thursday Night Decades… a decade along with a featured artist from that decade
Friday – DJ Baylor
Saturday – Retro Roadshow Live from Hyde Park
Donna Redrose is your friendly host for each event. Feel free to drop by anytime say hi to the “Crazy Gang” of RetroGrade and join in the fun. Most importantly of all….. “Keep London Rocking!!!”

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