Cross-Dressing Caption Contest – Dancing Queen!

February 19, 2015 • Caption Contest, News

It’s well known that Jason had his birthday this month!

So he had good reason to make a spectacle of himself. This year he overdid it – he became the ultimate dancing queen. Bigga wasn’t far behind either – with his seductive Blonde Bombshell antics. These guys are funny but don’t get caught up in it because they always get carried away. These guys know how to have some serious fun -do you?!

Cross-dressing Bigga

Bigga in white trying to seduce Jason.

As cross dressers go, these have to be the most unusual pair you’ve ever seen. There’s Jason in his pink frilly number and kiddy-sized wellington boots. Then there’s Bigga in his slinky seductive Abba-esque call girl avatar. Which would you choose?

About Cross Dressing

cross-dressing Jason

Jason Twerking in his classy footwear

Contrary to what some people think, cross dressing does not mean you’re gay. Throughout history men and women have dressed differently. This sorts out the sexes with a different expected dress code for men and women. However, some people choose to go against that dress code either temporarily or permanently – for whatever reason they might have. Cross-dressing is a style of dress without having one single particular reason behind it. There are many reasons why people cross-dress.

3 Reasons for Cross-Dressing


Jason is the Sweet Transexual

1. Some people cross-dress as a statement of gender preference. Lady boys are classic cross dressers – men wanting to be women. Some even go in for major surgery to get their gender reassigned.

2. Occasionally people cross dress to disguise their true gender, like Joan of Arc. As a woman Joan would never have been allowed to fight in a battle. As a young boy, she could.

3. Others do it for a bit of fun. Jason and Bigga come into this category. There’s nothing more ridiculous that seeing these big butch guys dressing in pink frillies and white skimpies! These guys just looked like dudes in a dress. So here’s some advice for them.

3 Cross Dressing Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Dude in a Dress

Cross-dressing dance

How not to cross-dress!

1. Cross dressing make up is essential. You really can’t neglect using it. However, there’s a good way and a bad way to do this. The good way is to put on enough make up to cover what needs to be covered but not overdoing it and looking as if someone sprayed you with paint. Too much make up looks bad on a natural woman and will attract attention to your masculinity instead of hiding it. So get a good skin and shape so you can ‘be’ female’ – oh… and drop the beard!

2. Cross dressing shoes – The main thing about shoes is that they have to allow you to walk like a woman comfortably. Don’t wear stilettos if you don’t know how to walk straight in them. Comfort comes first and being fashionable last. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear, and shoes are the item which may give you the most trouble. Undersized wellies really don’t work!

3. Another cross dressing tip involves one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hiding their bulge. They try on clothes, make sure they fit, but they check the bulge only when they’re standing straight. You have to check it when you’re sitting down as well because clothes move around when you move around. In real life guys have to do that to avoid embarrassment. In Second Life, just leave the attachment at home.

 Last Week’s Winner!

cross-dressing Jason takes a day off

Jason win’s last week’s caption!

Jason was last week’s winner, so it’s only fair to make him the star of this week’s caption!


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2 Responses to Cross-Dressing Caption Contest – Dancing Queen!

  1. Magnus Brody says:

    The retro look of this image was achieved by rebooting the offical viewer v0.047 and dancing like it was 1999.

  2. shawnri says:

    Nobody puts Bigga in a corner!

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