Dalek Caption Contest in London

November 24, 2014 • Caption Contest, News

A Dalek Caption Contest

Let’s take a look at Doctor Who Series 8 on Our Screens

Doctor Who may have left our screens until he returns at Christmas with the ultimate 13th episode of the current series (Series 8). Yet he’s still deep in our hearts and often visits Second Life London.

So far on the TV we’ve seen the good Doctor in the incarnation of Peter Capaldi in 12 episodes. He battles against Robots, Androids, Monsters, Evil Bankers (Director Karabraxos), Skovox Blitzer, the moon, a Mummy, two dimensional aliens, a forest, Missy (The Master regenerated), Cybermen, and of course a Dalek!

In every instance he beats them with his fiendishly clever mind. Have they now come to catch him in London?

Dalek in London

What’s the Dalek doing in London? – You decide.

Dalek Caption


Maybe the Dalek got lost and somehow found its way into London? Or perhaps it’s waiting for the Doctor to show his face so it can wreak revenge on him again. All remains to be seen!

Your job is to separate fact from fiction. What is the Dalek doing in London and why is it there? Send your best Dalek caption to us in London and win $500.

Alien Invaders

Some other suspicious creatures were also spotted in London disguised as Starbuck’s Coffee cups. They may be part of the Dalek’s wicked plan. Do you know anything about these mysterious creatures or where they came from?

Dalek Caption

Dangerous Cuppies!

It’s been suggested that they come from the Star Constellation ‘Bucks’ because their space suits have that insignia on them. These creatures are round with flat helmets which have vents on them for them to breathe. They carry dangerous weapons cleverly disguised as straws and paper bags and wear large green boots – ready to propel them anywhere in an instant. Could these be allies of the dreaded Dalek or are they simply invaders hoping to conquer earth.

Last Competition Winner

The Remembrance contest was won by River Lemondrop with the caption:

Caption.. Don’t look now but I think those guys want to jump your bones.

Well done River, your cash is in the post!

 To Enter

PLease scroll down to the bottom and place your entry in the box underwhere it says:

‘Please let us know your views …’

– You’re asked to add your email address and details, but that’s not essential. If you want to remain anonymous, make an email address up.

– If you want to win the prize though, you do need to add your Second Life Name.


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5 Responses to Dalek Caption Contest in London

  1. Kittt says:


    “One is a hilariously hateful and ancient being, the other is a dalek”

  2. Drew says:

    “I heard they legalized Dalek marriage in this state..”

  3. Liramaril/Jaden says:


  4. “Little did he know, the Dalek was about to make him, his very own ventriloquist dummy”

  5. `trust me, im a dalek` he said to chase as he snapped on his latex glove.

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