Second Life London Landmarks

Suggested Places to Explore

There are lots of great places to visit in Second Life London. So come and experience them for yourself. Let’s take a tour of what’s on offer.


Ready for your Tour of London?


Checkout the famous and not so famous landmark buildings. Take a photograph of yourself here. Upload it to Facebook or Second Life. Because of the lighting, materials and mesh details of the buildings, you can be the envy of all your friends.

Click On Pictures of the Landmarks to Teleport to the Location. When you arrive, make sure you take a Second Life ‘Landmark’ so you can keep coming back.


London Landmarks and famous places are all over Second Life London. Historic Landmarks litter London: At Big Ben you can see Big Ben the Bell in The Bell Room and great views across London. If you’re clever you can even find the hidden room too. At Trafalgar Square you will see Nelson’s Column. At Marble Arch you can see the Arch and Speaker’s Corner. Piccadilly Circus has the neon lights, Shaftsbury fountain and ‘Eros’ statue to it’s credit. Regent Street, Oxford Street & Bond Street have famous shops to explore. ‘One Hyde Park’ is an artistic interpretation of a Landmark building in Knightsbridge and known for being the most expensive piece of real estate in London.  The artistic Interpretation of the Harvey Nichols building in Knightsbridge is a must see. As is The Mandarin Hotel Building’s artistic interpretation.

Here’s a list of just some of these landmarks – the other’s you’ll have to find for yourself!

  1. Hyde Park Serpentine Lake


    Hyde Park, The Serpentine Lake & Big Ben

  2. Hyde Park – welcome area and hangout

  3. Speakers’ Corner

  4. Big Ben Bell tower

  5. Trafalgar Square

  6. Marble Arch

  7. Piccadilly Circus

  8. Regent Street Shops

  9. Bond Street Shops

  10. One Hyde Park Knightsbridge

  11. Hyde Park Mandarin Hotel Building Knightsbridge


As well as the famous and well known Landmarks, there are other places of interest in London. Some are activities the London team have introduced for your amusement. Others are replicas of minor tourist attractions in real life.

So let’s explore more and find some of these curiosities.

  1. Hyde Park Dell Cafe Freebies Store
  2. Hyde Park Serpentine Boat House
  3. Hyde Park Greedy Table
  4. Hyde Park Bikes
  5. Hyde Park Serpentine Bridge to London Nights
  6. Hyde Park Serpentine Bridge to Knightsbridge
  7. London Hyde Park Rollercoaster
  8. London Hyde Park New User Experience
  9. London Mayfair Retro Arcade

While in London, remember that there’s also a very strong community here. So see what you can find out about Community Events, Shopping, The Welcome Area, Games and Rides and Romantic places, such as the Italian Fountain in Hyde Park.

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