Devils Demons & Angels – Tonight!

August 10, 2017 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

Devils Demons and Angels make Friday night the Big event. With non stop music for 8 hours, this has to be the only Friday night scene to be seen.

Devils for DJs

Join DJ Sang, DJ Cara and DJ Deja in a party night of fun, where the music never ends.


DJ Sang

You’ll find all this happening at the massive London Underground Club, found in Knightsbridge inside Second Life.


DJ Cara

Come dressed as your favourite demonic or angelic figure and surprise everyone with your amazing outfit. If you do, you can win a load of cash!


Angels in the Underground

There’s so many competitions, contests and freebies to be gained in the 8 hour session of great music. Music will be coming from all over the globe and the mixes will be done live in front of your eyes, by these three amazingly talented DJs.


If you like dance, EMB, trance or any kind of current sounds, come along and listen in. While here join in the fun too, with wonderful hosts to entertain and tease you right through the nignt into the early hours of UK time. For our US brothers and sisters it’s a morning thru evening session

Angels & Devils also know as Heaven & Hell is a lot of fun. Everyone has that ultimate choice to make. Should I be good or bad? Dress up as an Angels or a Devil? It’s always interesting to see which people decide to dress up good and which one’s bad.


First pick if you are going to dress up like an Angels, Demon or Devil. If you decide to dress up as an Angels wear lots of white and consider finding a halo to go on your head. You can take this to different varying degrees but most guys will just end up wearing white while girls might go more out having a sexy costume and halo over there head. If you decide to dress up as a Devil wear lots of black and/or red. Also consider wearing some devil horns on your head. When you dress up as an Angel this can be taken to different degrees so just figure out how dressed up you want to be, but make it sexy and have fun!


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