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October 24, 2014 • News

As advances in computer graphics and design enhance the optic appeal of video games around the world, learning how to create and effectively market in-game merchandise is becoming increasingly difficult for self-taught game players. In Second Life, clothing and apparel are top sellers for obvious reasons; even a new, inexperienced user should have clothes! Three different types of clothing make up this market, but new users often do not educate themselves on these differences before making their purchasing decision.

The oldest and most used type of clothing in Second Life is known as cloth material. Though some very creative and stylish outfits have been formed using this material, it is the least graphically-appealing style of clothing around. Cloth material is not 3-Dimensional, it does not possess contour quality, and it looks as though the clothing is tattooed onto the skin of the avatar. This problem was rectified when prim material made its way into the clothing market. A prim is a simple shape object created in Second life and distorted to the creator’s content. Prim clothes are more 3-Dimensional than cloth, but they still do not seem to morph to the body of the avatar the way a t-shirt or pair of jeans would fit around the body of a real person. Thus, the development of mesh material brought Second Life into a new age of game design.

Mesh (and liquid mesh) clothing is by far the best quality material for sale in Second Life. Various creators have developed brilliant designs for almost every style of clothing imaginable. Kastle Rock, located on the southwest corner of London Mayfair’s Shopping Zone, showcases and sells elegant mesh dresses and formal-wear for female avatars in Second Life.

Kastle Rock in Mayfair

Kastle Rock in Mayfair

When mesh body parts are combined with mesh clothing, the outcome is more realistic and captivating than ever. North of Kastle Rock in Mayfair’s Shopping Center, Lola’s Creations sells high-quality clothing for mesh body parts and mesh avatars.

Lola's Creations in Mayfair

Lola’s Creations in Mayfair

Men’s clothing is often difficult to find and even more a challenge to create in Second Life. One of the best mesh clothing shops for males is located in the heart of Mayfair’s Shopping Center. Hoorenbeek offers both formal and casual wear for men’s avatars.

Hoorenbeek in Mayfair

Hoorenbeek in Mayfair

To find more mesh vendors in Second Life, visit London Mayfair’s Shopping Center. For questions or comments about in-game fashion or development, leave a comment below.

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