Dinosaur Week – Caption Contest

October 6, 2014 • Caption Contest, News, Second Life

Dinosaur Caption Week

This is a week where you have to use your brains a bit. Find a caption for this!

dinosaur caption

Caption Picture!

It looks like there are a lot of options here.

Is someone trapped in the car? can dinosaurs speak? Is someone in the dumpster? If so – what would they say?

Rex Appeal – Why are Dinosaurs So Popular

Dinosaurs have been extinct for sixty-five million years now. But they are still the most fascinating real life creatures you will ever come across. Forget the fantasy dragons, the fairies, orcs, furies, aliens and unicorns! These were once real. They walked the earth and could be much larger than us.

Children are fascinated with dinosaurs. They appear in television programmes, books, films and websites. Even Dr Who recently dedicated an episode to a dinosaur.

What are Dinosaurs?

The term Dinosaur, was first officially coined by the Lancashire-born English anatomist Richard Owen in 1842. He helped found the British Museum – now the Natural History Museum of London. He chose the name Dinosauria, meaning “fearfully great lizards” in Greek. So this is the name we have come to recognise with these creatures.

From this species comes the famous Tyrannosaurus rex. The king of flesh eaters. This is the dinosaur to be found in the dinosaur caption picture above.

dinosaur caption

Tyranosaurus Rex

These were nowhere near the size of the largest dinosaurs ever found. This honour belongs to the recently discovered 95 to 100 million years old Sauropod is called The Dreadnoughtus. It’s a titanosaur. With a length of 85 foot long, 30 foot tall, 130,000 pounds it was huge. To give you a perspective, we’d come up to his shin! This dinosaur was also just an adolecent so still had a lot of growing to do.

When the fosilised skeleton was found, one of the first things done was to take 3D scans of the bones. These were used from printing 3D models (perhaps to sell to excited kids) to being able to reconstruct the animal and work out how it manged to grow and exist at such a size.

Once again, the 3D world and the real world connect. I’m sure it won’t be long until avatar models of this massive creature stalk virtual worlds like Second Life.

 Smallest Dinosaur

A sparrow-sized bird called Qiliania, which lived about 120 million years ago in China, earned the distinction of being the smallest dinosaur, weighing a mere 15 grams.

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  2. CokaHontas says:

    ” I didn’t mean to destroy the city, I got excited thinking Austin Powers just pulled up.”

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