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March 4, 2015 • Caption Contest, Culture & Community, News, Second Life

Dinosaur Park

When Dinosaurs come to Hyde Park does this mean it’s becoming Jurassic Park or is it more like the Flintstones? Whatever next- dinosaurs and alpacas in the park at the same time.


Beware – Dino in the Hub!

Dinosaurs are making a big comeback in Hyde Park. Recently they’ve been seen trying to take over the park. This big monster terrified the locals. The huge creature was scary enough to scare away the population. Someone told me it was just a cute pet! But who’d have pet like this? The mystery deepens.



Once upon a time these creatures roamed the earth and were Kings of the world. The biggest and baddest of these is Spinosaurus. This guy looks like a huge crocodile on long legs with gigantic menacing claws. Next to him a man would stand the height of his shins and be a convenient snack for this 55 feet monster! From the pictures taken above, it looks like the Dino in the park was a Gigantosaurus, at 47 feet it’s even bigger than a T-rex and lived 30 million years before the T-rex. One scary beast.


Alleged Dinosaur and Human Footprints

The theory is that when they roamed humans didn’t even exist. But according to recent research by investigators, dinosaurs and men could have lived together before. Apparently fossilised dinosaur footprints have been found along with those of a man. Could this man have been a time traveller or was there another race of human beings before us who had an advanced civilisation that lived alongside the dinosaurs.


Are these footprints both Human and Dinosaur?

There’s a lot of controversy over this evidence and traditional experts believe it’s all a load of nonsense. But if it isn’t, the dinosaur roaming in Hyde Park won’t be the first one that’s walked with humans. Some may call these people crackpots, but can their evidence be right?




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