DJ Cath’s Debut at Coach n Horses Pub

March 14, 2012 • Entertainment

Weds March 14th, Coach and Horses Pub’s own Cathlace took the decks for the 1st time at the Pub. She is also one of Coach’s Hosts.

DJ Cath had a great time for her first set at Coach. She spun great tunes including many requests and everyone had a blast.

It was Best in Wings on the board and early on they bumped the prize from the standard 500L to 1k but as pages filled up, the board went up. It ended up being 5 pages of contestants and a 2k contest.

Everyone had fun mingling, dancing, listening to great tunes and making new friends all while partying with us at Coach and Horses Pub. The sploder was even filled big a few times too.

We have live DJs Mon-Sat 1-3pm slt with contests daily (except Tuesdays which are usually Trivia Night). There is a board on the wall at the Pub that tells the themes for the week. On Saturdays, the Pub will be in Hyde Park (dont worry, if in group will get LM for the event or if miss it, there is always a box with LM giver at the pub itself). IM Manager Mia Deluca if need assistance or have questions regarding Coach and Horses Pub and stop in and see us soon. We are on the London Mayfair sim:

Here are some pics from DJ Cath’s debut set:

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