DJ Pyp at Coach and Horses

April 22, 2011 • Uncategorised

Quite a few showed up for DJ Pyp’s weekly Thursday set. We had Best in Jeans event and course that is an easy one for the men out there to do.

The Pub is all decorated for Easter with eggs and a few bunnies as well as the regular rug was sent out for cleaning so an Easter Egg one was laid out.

As always, the music was awesome. DJ Pyp is at C&H every Sunday and Thursday (except Easter Sunday, Pub is closed so staff can enjoy the holiday).
Always a great time at Coach and Horses Pub on London Mayfair.
Friendly staff, new-comer friendly, great tunes, dancing, voice always on and fun fun fun.
Stop by C&H anytime between 1:30-3:30pm slt as that is when there is a DJ as well as either Trivia (Mondays and Tuesdays) or contest of some kind (Weds-Saturdays).
Be sure to stop by Saturday April 30th and give a listen to our newest DJ on staff, djdevoman (1:30-3:30p slt)

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