DJ s JB, Candi and Roach at Chubbys and London Tube by Jas (Blog 234)

February 19, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

London Sims` events over the past few day have been packed with lots of you lovely avatars!

On Monday night it was DJ JB Goode (below) on the decks with some great Rock`n`Roll tracks.

Snapshot_015 (3)Snapshot_012 (5)

My avi Jas was host for the event.

People started to flock to Chubby Checkers pretty early.

Snapshot_037 (9)Snapshot_017 (7)

And, by the end the place was hopping!

Snapshot_001 (8)

But, no one wanted to end the partying after JB finished…

Snapshot_025 (8)Snapshot_035 (5)

…so we all headed over to London Tube to continue dancing.

Snapshot_067 (5)Snapshot_062 (2)

It was a bit of a change of pace musically, as DJ Candi (above,left) loves her heavy metal.

Snapshot_059 (6)Snapshot_052 (11)

New Tube Manager Brandon was there ,along with his gorgeous new  wife Wolf Moon (above).

Snapshot_065 (2)Snapshot_044 (8)

One character looked pretty mysterious (above left), but, hey, isn`t mystery what SL is all about?

Snapshot_053 (2)

I had stepped in to host here , too.

Snapshot_054 (2)Snapshot_064 (4)

The music was explicit, which made Candi`s singing along sound a bit like an emote!


A brilliant time was had by all, as Candi is such a chatty and interactive DJ!

Snapshot_024 (4)Snapshot_015 (4)Snapshot_035 (6)

On Tuesday it was back to Chubbys, again, for more Rock and Roll.

It was DJ Roach (above,middle) playing the music this time.

Guess who was host- yes meee again-lol!

Some of the guests from the previous night had returned…

Snapshot_033 (3)Snapshot_027 (2)

… and newer arrivals seemed to be discovering the Chubbys sparkle!

Snapshot_002 (11)Snapshot_038 (5)

There`s a club or pub in the London Sims open every night of the week.

So, all shout out together now,”Taxi.. London Sims!”

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