Don`t Mess with the London Sims Staff!! by Jas (Blog 187)

November 19, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

At last night`s Jelly Bean event new host Zoya was tested to her limit by an unruly guest. He jumped up on the stage and was trying to push the staff about. After several polite requests from both her and DJ Draconia, Zoya threatened him with her frying pan. And, then when he still didn`t listen she was off! She chased him around the stage swinging at him with her pan. One member of the audience said she was laughing  so much she was literally choking! Then, DJ Draconia appeared to burst into spontaneous combustion (perhaps from unexpressed rage?) He was pouring out smoke for sometime afterwards. The interloper could bear no more and disappeared. However, members of the crowd weren`t taking any more chances of annoying the staff . One of them was wearing a motorbike helmet and another wore a robotic hand – presumably to fend off Zoya and her pan!

But, seriously, the London staff are always ready to have a laugh, and Zoya shared a fun monkey dance with me later in the set. The music was full of old favourites like Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and the B52s – my kind of music.

For pics of the event click here:-

There is also a New- User Area currently being set up in the Knightsbridge sim – with new London Freebie Store too- where the team will help “newbies” to Second Life adjust to their surroundings, and inform them of the best places to go around our sims.

Well, I`m off exploring today. Skips off to check out the London shops.


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