Easter at Philly’s Bar

April 9, 2012 • Entertainment

Jolt and Jessie joined me at Philly’s today for some coffee. I didn’t forget that some prefer tea so I brought that with me as well. Philly’s Bar is a great place to just relax. Lot of good parties going on here, but sometimes it’s needed to just chill with friends. Keep reading and you will find a few pictures from a few of the latest parties we had 🙂

April the 5th and Jacomo Beltran is our dj for the evening at Philly’s Bar 🙂 Yet another night with great music and  great people. Lot of fun too 🙂 People comes and goes all evening. Some of them stay for a while and other just passing by. 

Jacomo Beltran and Phill Plasma

Where did Marisa go? Her dress is still here but..

April the 8th: Jacomo Beltran is warming up the stream before Mike Mission took over the stream later that Sunday evening. Philly’s got a few new members that night too. We wish them welcome to London, SL and to Philly’s Bar. Phill got a Easter basket and he held on to it very thight 🙂

Jacomo and Mike. Looks like Mike got bunny ears, but they are not his. They belong to a very cute Easter egg that Clara made for us 🙂

Jacomo and Mike
Italic, Phill, Clara and Anitha
Mike Mission
Jacomo Beltran

Kai Sachertorte as a cute little fairy, dancing at the counter. The bottle are almost bigger than she is 🙂 It has been a very nice Easter at Philly’s Bar. It has been lot of fun and there will be more fun in the future..

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