Easter Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt – Winners today!

April 6, 2017 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, Second Life

Easter Egg Hunt on today – win Lindens!

Each day running up to Easter, you can win $50 Lindens for just clicking on Easter Eggs.

This month is in preparation for the Grand Finale Hunt on Easter Day – where you can win a massive swag bag of prizes.

The top 3 players who score the most points will all win a fabulous bag of prizes – so get out there smashing eggs in London!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs have gone off so click them and remove them in a puff of smelly green smoke!

Get ready for the grand finale on – Easter Day – 16th April, – you can win a MASSIVE Swag Bag of Prizes – includes FREE month in a London Home. Make London your home for a whole month FREE – enjoy more FREE goodies that come with it in the Swag bag! It’s a prize worth fighting for – so get your trigger fingers ready to start clicking  because you have to be in it to win it!

Easter Egg Hunt 2017 – London Hunt Instructions

Come and play our Easter hunt game here at Hyde Park in the original and best London in Second Life.

Easter Egg Hunt

People in the Hub getting ready for the hunt

The game is simple to play because every time you click an Egg – you will be awarded a point. The Easter Bunny has dropped his eggs in plain sight all over Hyde Park, and you will mostly find them on the ground by your feet. Collected eggs will re-appear ten minutes later and may be clicked again for another point.

The game will be reset every day or so and the person at the top of the leader board will be paid L$50 for winning that round. A new round will begin immediately after each leaderboard reset.

Easter Egg Hunt

Big Swag Bag of Goodies on Easter Day

These daily rounds can be considered practice rounds to get to know where all the eggs are to plan a route around Hyde Park. At Easter weekend the round will be played for a grand prize consisting of a big bag of gifts. 🙂

Please Note that there are no eggs in any of the homes.

Easter Egg Hunt Winners

This week’s winners so far:

Easter Egg Hunt

Well done Daenerys for winning the first hunt – $50 Lindens is on it’s way to you


Easter Egg Hunt

Well done Sugar for winning the second Easter hunt

Because the game ran for 2 days, we picked out both top winners.

Statistics About The Game

6th April Game

run time: 47h 15m
Players: 79
Egg items found: 6183 (plus 3592 bonus points)
Special egg items found: 4
Total egg items: 111

Top 10 hunters

Top Winner: 2270 – Sugar (sweetsugarstar1)
Second Winner: 2065 – Daenerys (Johannous)
Third Winner: 817 – Plotzi
Fourth Winner: 577 – SweetasHoney (kc84XX)
Fifth Winner: 483 – IrishMan986
Sixth Winner: 437 – Princess Claire (ClaireDeAir)
Seventh Winner: 300 – Beautiful Tracy (BrokenHeartAngelica)
Eighth Winner: 252 – Kat (Katherine70130)
Ninth Winner: 229 – 420 ѕριяιтωєανєя (420 SpiritWeaver)
Tenth Winner: 215 – Sami Wildcat

7th April Game

Game run time: 27h 25m
Last egg item found: 4m 27s ago
Players: 50
Egg items found: 2286 (plus 1405 bonus points)
Special egg items found: 0
Total egg items: 91 (0 visible)

Top 10 hunters

Top Winner: 1109 – Sugar (sweetsugarstar1)
Second Winner: 393 – Amadeus (MrXJamie)
Third Winner: 388 – Axy Naxa The Fox Esq. Ph.D (Axanadudamighty)
Fourth Winner: 237 – IrishMan986
Fifth Winner: 208 – Patty3Tears
Sixth Winner: 180 – ღƬαηуαღ (Lakeshiax) (Still nearby)
Seventh Winner: 137 – Lapiz Lazuli
Eighth Winner: 121 – Lionel (Lionel Novelli)
Ninth Winner: 107 – mediavatar
Tenth Winner: 102 – 420 ѕριяιтωєανєя (420 SpiritWeaver)

Well done to all who took part and especially to the winners.

8th-9th April Weekend Game (top 2 are winners)

Game run time: 41h 16m
Last egg item found: 0m 5s ago
Players: 59
Inventory: 21
Egg items found: 3752 (plus 1972 bonus points)
Special egg items found: 0
Total egg items: 90 (0 visible)
Free memory: 9802

Top 10 hunters

Top Winner: 1396 – AJ (AdgeCutler)
Second Winner: 1370 – Sugar (sweetsugarstar1)
Third Winner: 426 – Ave Avril
Fourth Winner: 359 – АиժяєА (AndreaDestiny) (Still nearby)
Fifth Winner: 223 – Scruffin
Sixth Winner: 212 – TragerMaximoff
Seventh Winner: 183 – Trupain
Eighth Winner: 157 – Litella
Nineth Winner: 146 – mileficent
Tenth Winner: 138 – Lusty Madonna

Well done AJ and Sugar!

Prizes include a free month in a London Home. Make London your home for a whole month FREE and enjoy the other FREE goodies that come along with it. A prize worth fighting for – you have to be in it to win it!


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