London Sims`Easter Weekend and Jules` Birthday Party by Jas (Blog 305)

March 29, 2016 • News, Social Media


We had a lot of fun and silliness over the long Easter Weekend in the London Sims. But I don`t know WHAT I can say about the carrot figure (above) that I found in Hyde Park the other day. Is it me or does it look like it could be a blow-up figure that people with a vegetable fetish might send off for from the internet?

I hosted with the fun DJ Dane for the first time on Saturday at Sexy Brits. He had a country theme going on with some great classic tunes. The dance hud he had was hilarious- as the picture below demonstrates.

dj dane and me_001 (2)

It was time for one of our newer DJ s to shine over the weekend too. DJ Diva (below, right) knows how to keep the crowd happy and dancing.

dj Sherry (Lady)_001 (2)Snapshot_005 (3)

Last night I was wondering why I hadnt received any notices to DJ sets, when I suddenly got an invitation from Debs Regent(Owner of the London Sims). It turned out that there was a reason for all the secrecy. We were holding a massive surprise birthday bash in the park for our Entertainments Manager Jules (pictured, above left)!

While I was at the event for two and half hours, my laptop was (as usual) deciding to be difficult because of the crowds (which were huge!), so the only pictures I managed to get were before and after the event.

You can at leaSnapshot_014 (2)st see the park in party mode, however, I feel a lot of my male blog readers would have preferred to see some of the girls in the “Best in Bikini ” competition in the second half of the event. Maybe one day this poor struggling writer will be able to buy a proper computer, and then provide you all with substantial event pictures. I do hear, however, that Debs was trying to make a video of the proceedings, so if that worked out I`ll provide a link in my post later on this week.

Snapshot_007 (4)

Snapshot_014 (2)
As night fell some of the first guests were starting to arrive, but who the slightly sinister guy hanging around by the trees (below, right) was I don`t know. Maybe it was “Carrot Fetish Guy” himself looking for more vegetables to have his wicked way with!

Snapshot_011 (2)Snapshot_019 (2)
Jules` closest friends (including London Team member Lyrical, above, left) had made a board of some of her best pictures, and hopped up on stage with glasses of champagne to surprise her with when she arrived.


The park (especially when lit-up in all it`s Spring glory) was the perfect place for an open-air party!

Snapshot_002 (2)Snapshot_001 (2)

Snapshot_002 (7)


Today I will be hosting with my lovely DJ friend Pyp Mifflin (left) at Sexy Brits . Good friends used to call us “The Pyp And Jas Show” when we worked together years ago, and this is the first time Ive hosted with her in a very long time. Im really looking forward to it!





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