My Easter Wonderland With Some Irving Berlin Songs by Jas (Blog 304)

March 25, 2016 • Culture & Community, News, People

This Easter Weekend Ive decided that no one quite did style like the generation in the thirties. Also, as Ive checked out the Easter Egg Hunt in London Sims` Hyde Park, along with other holiday features they have, I have discovered that there are quite a few connections with the music of a famous songwriter of that time- Irving Berlin.

Certain DJ s in our sims at the moment are very into the Electro Swing thing – and I have to say I am hooked, too, but for this blog let me take you back to the time of the original Swing music as we stroll around Hyde , and check out all the fun you can come and experience over this long weekend.

Don`t forget there are TWO Easter Egg hunts on at the moment here, with both cash and quality mystery prizes!

Snapshot_006 (3)

“In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…”


Snapshot_005 (2)Unreife Ostereier.svg

“..I’ll be all in clover and when they look you over
I’ll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade..”

 (The picture above right is entitled “Unripe Easter Eggs”- now I never knew they grew on trees, but my avatar,  above left, seems excited at the prospect!)

Two Easter BonnetsSnapshot_004 (2)

  • “To the Park we’ll go – Round Rotten Row
    Snapshot_002 (2)The photographers will snap us – And then you’ll be seen
    In the smart magazine.”

( Easter Parade by Irving Berlin  

  • This part of the song is the alternative version for the British market, which is set on “Rotten Row” in our very own Hyde Park! )



Snapshot_003 (2)

“The girl who was sittin’ by the fire with her kitten
In the story that was written long ago…”
“…Come along with Alice
Into wonderland

To the lovely palace
Where they’re all so grand..”

Snapshot_004 (3)
“..You’ll be delightSnapshot_003ed with the high-hatted man
Called the mad little hatter
Never mind about his patter
‘Cause it really doesn’t matter, but it’s grand.”

(From Alice In Wonderland – the song by Irving Berlin)



The Mad Hatter looked a little ..well mad ..or perhaps unwell. I hope he hasn`t got mercury poisoning- something I know all too much about over the past few years.

Interesting Fact:

The phrase “Mad Hatter” derived from the fact that so many hat makers had extreme neurological symptoms. These were later discovered to be symptoms of Mercury Toxicity – and thought to be so prevalent in this profession as mercury was handled regularly in the manufacture of the popular head garments.

“Let’s take an old-fashioned walk- I’m just bursting with talk..

Let’s take a stroll through the parkSnapshot_007 (5)
Down a lane where it’s dark
And a heart that’s controlled
May relax on an old-fashioned walk

I know for a couple who seem to be miles apart
There’s nothing like walking and having a heart to heart.”


(Let`s Take An Old Fashioned Walk by Irving Berlin)


And, as this clip from the film “Top Hat” starring Fred Astaire  and Ginger Rogers was actually set in the bandstand in Hyde Park- featuring yet another song by Irving Berlin, it shows that the beauty here was never far from his mind.


Maybe he would have enjoyed coming into our virtual version of the famous park. Perhaps he`d even have been inspired enough to write another song about it? Hums “London Sims Hyde .. How can I decide… mutter mutter mutter”.









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