Ebbe Altberg Steps Into Huge Shoes of Linden Lab CEO

February 20, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, News, Tech & Gadgets

Ebbe joins an elite list of 5 CEO’s of Linden Lab and 4 successors and recipients of charismatic Philip Rosedale’s huge shoes at Linden Lab. Prior to Ebbe, this illustrious role was held by Mark Kingdon, Bob Komin and Rod Humble.

Philip Rosedale, Web 2.0 Conference

Brief History

A brief history shows that Philip founded the company in 1999 and held the reins from this date to 2008. In March of 2008 he declared that he would leave this post to become Chairman of Linden Lab. Mark Kingdon arrived in May 2008 and held his tenure for two years, until June 2010. This was just after the era when the press hyped Second Life to be the answer to world issues for both individuals and organizations. Mark appeared to be tasked with turning this vision into a reality. However the media stories didn’t stay positive and the general turning of the wheel of fortune in the world in terms of world-wide recessions impacted his role and staff numbers were  culled by 1/3.

Linden Lab CEOs


1999-May 2008
Philip Rosedale
May 2008-June 2010
Mark Kingdon
June 2010-October 2010
October 2010-January 2011
Bob Komin
January 2011-January 2014
Rod Humble
January 2014-present
Ebbe Altberg

Following Mark’s resignation, Philip Rosedale once again stepped up to the helm for a few months. Then, in October 2010, Bob Komin, Linden Lab’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer, took over as interim acting CEO – a position he held until January 2011, when Rod Humble joined ‘The Lab’. Rod brought his breath of games knowledge with him and pioneered the production of new products, including ‘Blocksworld’ the popular game that looks and feels a bit like ‘Minecraft’. However, in January 2014 Rod publicly announced his resignation of this role on Facebook soon after, Ebbe Altberg was announced as his replacement.

So What Should We Expect Now?

Customer Experience and Growth?

Since Ebbe started his new position in Linden Lab, the company appears to be taking a strategic direction to this end and has already ceased support for dio, Versu, and Creatorverse in favour of ‘SecondLife’, ‘Patterns’ and ‘Blocksworld’.

According to Linden Lab investor and director Jed Smith, Ebbe’s remit is to focus on customer experience and growth. Ebbe himself also repeated that in his latest announcement to the Second Life customer base. However, what he is and what he’s not remains to be seen, but currently he’s been giving out invitations to follow him on communication channels and seems pretty adept at creating a public image of himself as ‘the good guy / family man’ in Social Media.

We in London inSL hope to see many things from Ebbe and will be following this blog post with a public wish-list to Ebbe. If you have a wish or suggestion, please Contact Us to have it added to the list.

Meanwhile, as Ebbe is offering, why not take up his invitation to the customer base and follow him on Twitter  @ebbealtberg


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