Electric Feel Moves into Bond Street

March 10, 2015 • News

The new addition to London’s Mayfair shops is Electric Feel,  a store featuring a wide selection of affordable, high quality mesh clothing and accessories.


Electric Feel offers a range from casual clothes to evening wear and accessories for men.   Both men and women in SL are keenly aware of the disparity in shopping experiences – women have more options they can chose from and enough free and low cost items to quickly run an inventory up into the 5 digit range. Men, not so much.   Although it’s been getting better through out the years, it’s still tough to find quality clothes and many mens shops (or womens shops that sell men’s clothes) offer a limited variety.  Which means men or anyone with a male avatar has to spend more time searching for just the right look. It’s no wonder so many guys wear the same outfit day after day (or week after week!).  Lyricallakesong was keenly aware of this problem and  when she discovered Electric Feel she knew this was a store that had the answer.    The clothes offered at Electric Feel are created and designed by electri who then offers franchise opportunities for his store.


The franchise in Mayfair is owned by Lyricallakesong. When I spoke to her about the shop she emphasised that the combination of affordability and quality were what drew her to Electric Feels.  The lovely Lyricallakesong also spoke about her plans for the future, she said she will be adding new items to the shop as they are released by the designer and changing inventory to keep things fresh. She even  hinted at adding a subscribomatic or another way to keep customers up to date on what’s available at Electric Feels.


Now, I’m sure you are thinking  – it looks good on the wall what does it look like on?  I’m here to tell you it looks good! As someone who is a bit of a tomboy I’m wishing the XS mesh sizing fit my avatar a little bit better. Because the mesh clothes looked a little big on my regular shape I broke out my male shape to do the outfit justice. Take a look!


I’m wearing the Leo Outfit – pants, shirt and jacket all HUD driven for only 150L. The HUD changes the color of the shirt, pants, outside AND inside of the jacket. Plus there’s an option to wear the jacket without the shirt.  The pieces can be worn separately to be mixed with other outfits and there are multiple alpha layers for the various combinations. A HUGE deal for the price.   The shoes are casual sneakers and come in 4 colors for 90L.   I didn’t stop to count all the ways to wear the outfit but  you (or your guy) could wear this and look different every day for at least a week just using the HUD.


So stop by Bond Street in Mayfair and reinvigorate your wardrobe with Electric Feel!


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