world cup devastation for england

World Cup Dissapointment for England

June 20, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Guys n Geeks, News, People, Second Life, Sports

World Cup Result – Uruguay 2 – England

England fans were disappointed by their team’s World Cup performance last night. England dominated the match but lost the game. The stats were for us but the game wasn’t. Possession of the ball for 62% of the game should guarantee anyone a win, along with 8 shots on target, compared to Uruguay’s 6, 13 total shots compared to Uruguay’s 10 and 17 Uruguay fouls to 12 by England – so what went wrong?

World Cup England

England Supported in Second Life London

We were all out there rooting for England in the World Cup. Our guys came onto the pitch and we were like teenage groupies for Justin Bieber, throwing everything we’d got in support of our guys. But, like many male performances, they were lacking. In Sao Paulo the weather was against us and the Uruguay team became our nemesis. Could the loss have been prevented?

World Cup England

Destiny Supports England in the World Cup

Typical World Cup sluggish play by England doomed us. Lack of planning and accounting for the two Uruguay team members that ran rings around the England players doomed us to failure. Andrea Pirlo and Luis Suárez are known quantities and lethal – as a double act their deadly skill was unleashed. Suárez isn’t even deemed fit – what would have happened if he had been fit? 10-0?

World Cup England

World Cup Fans From Across The World

Where were our players who could have countered these terrorists hiding on the pitch? Gerrard failed to close anyone down – maybe this is a sign of his advancing years. Aged and slowing. Steven Gerrard will not want to go down in football history as the ‘old man of the world cup’ – but he will. He’s not as fast as he used to be anymore.

Rooney had the best game he had in a long time, but it was still like a dog being released from the gates for a first time. His goal was more of a lucky tackle than a spectacular goal. It’s been said that Rooney was rolling on the pitch more than he was running around the pitch. Even his son looked unimpressed with his performance, his face echoing the look on many England fans faces at this World Cup game.

2014 World Cup

World Cup chances dashed

As for our chances this match and of winning the World Cup – in Jason Keegan’s words “What a load of shit”.

World Cup England

Dissaponted fans

In conclusion, our loss could have been prevented. – Better planning, better performance. In military terms, the 7 Ps apply: Proper Planning and Practice Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Fans are starting to leave Brazil already. We were disappointed by ‘our team’ and hung our heads low – accepting that we’re now out of the World Cup.

Only a miracle from Italy can save the day for England now – the Vatican has been known to influence divine will – so start praying NOW!



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