Famous People Who Have Today’s Birthday

January 4, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

Happy Birthday to all the famous people today. This of course includes our own beloved lady, Destiny Keegan.

Famous People Born on 4th January

Issac Newton

Famous People

Sir Issac Newton

If it’s your Birthday today, you share your big day with Sir Issac Newton. He’s the man that discovered gravity by watching a falling Apple. Issac shares his Birthday with our own fair Destiny Keegan, who’s real life Birthday also falls on this day. Destiny has been a part of London along with her husband Jason for many years now. She’s much loved by us all in London and everyone enjoys being in her company.

James Bond

Famous People

James Bond, playes by Daniel Craig

This famous duo also share their day with another virtual and real famous name. That of ‘James Bond’. The real ‘James Bond’ behind Ian Flemming’s famous fictional character was born on this day.

Although the real James Bond led a different life from the fictional character, his identity was used by Ian Flemming for his own great works. In real life, James Bond was an expert in Caribbean birds and wrote a complete book on the subject called ‘Birds of the West Indies’.

Ian Flemming was a keen bird watcher who lived in Jamaica. He read Bond’s book, and chose the name of its author for his hero of Casino Royale in 1953. As a thank you, he gave the real James Bond a first edition copy of ‘You Only Live Twice’ with the words “To the real James Bond, from the thief of his identity” written inside it.

More Famous People

Here are short list of a few more famous people you share your Birthday with.


Coco Jones, Maddie Hasson, Labrinth, Till Lindemann, Addy Miller, Mikey Bromley, Michael Stipe, Erin Cahill.

Sports Personalities

Toni Kroos, James Milner, Mike Williams, Al Jefferson, Floyd Patterson.

Nobel Prize Winners

Gao Xingjian – Nobel Prize in Literature, Brian David Josephson – Nobel Prize in Physics, Richard R. Schrock – Nobel Prize in Chemistry, May-Britt Moser – Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Astrologically About You

If this is your birthday, you may want to hear a bit more about your Horoscope?

Born on January 4th, you’re a Capricorn. Like all goats you will always climb. You get there with your charming, hardworking and adaptable personality. Comfortable in social settings, you can use your instinctive style and understanding of others to charm them. You make friends easily because your social skills allow you to easily adapt to new situations and people. Because of this you are greatly sought after as a friend and companion, yet it is for your commitment to hard work that you may be most highly admired for. Those closest to you are well aware of your ability to accomplish your goals, however difficult they may be.

You have a quirky personality, are dedicated to acts of kindness on a personal level and acts of humanity on a public level. You have never been shy about expressing your opinions and have a heartfelt sympathy for the unfortunate and unlucky. You may feel it’s your duty to draw attention to the plight of people who are in need. Your heart is large and is well capable of helping others. Make sure you include yourself in there somewhere too!




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