Fancy A Pad in London? RL Versus SL by Jas (Blog 257)

May 4, 2014 • Homes To Let, News

With the news that some of the most expensive houses in London are now on the market for mega-millions you might be thinking that a place there is well out of your price range.  For instance there is a mansion in Mayfair with the asking price of 90 million pounds! If you have that kind of money in your back pocket then here are the details for you-lol

However, most of us can`t even dream of that kind of money,but would still love to have the unique experience of living in such a diverse and beautiful capital city.

Enter the realms of virtual reality, though, and you could rent in Mayfair for a tiny fraction of the price. In Second Lifes London Sims you could rent this beautiful three storey home for under 400 Linden dollars a week. Thats about one pound and fifty pence. This, by my reckoning, would give you over  a million years here for the same price as the Real-Life house! Ours don`t crumble away either!!

 photo houses2_zpsc18e6b5c.png

The Mayfair sim is located next to the beautiful Hyde Park, too.You can really lose yourself here.

 photo Snapshot_0043_zps11b8473e.png

My second example is at the other side of Hyde Park in Knightsbridge. In the last week has been reported in the news that a penthouse in the building pictured below (left), in Knightsbridge, has been sold for 140 million pounds!!

Flats Knightbridge (4876186544) photo house3_zpsccc95772.png

Again, we can beat that hands down! Another three- storey house in our Knightsbridge sim is available to rent for the same price of just under 400 Lindens (£1.50). You also get proximity to the park in this sim, too.


In winter or summer the London Sims` Hyde Park is stunning, and feels really life-like!

 photo Snapshot_011_zpsaefa2081.png

In our London the people are a lot more friendly, too. Come and check out our busy Welcome Hub.

There are lots of properties available to rent in our new “London Nights” adult sim, too.

I`ll feature some of them in my article about the new sim in the next week.

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