Frequently answered questions about the RL viewer version 1

March 7, 2014 • News

The RL viewer operates in a slightly different way to the SL viewer, and so a short learning curve is to be expected.  Answers to some of the more common questions can be found below.

1. How can I change my appearance?

Much like in SL, all of your clothes can be found in your inventory.  The inventory is often called a “wardrobe” or “cupboard” in the RL jargon.  Look through your collection and find something you like.  SL users will be familiar with the concept of shopping and, while the buying process is slightly different in the RL viewer, the end result is the same.  Remember that there’s a limit to the number of items you can store in your RL inventory, and you should try to keep it fairly organised to speed up search times.

2. How can I change my shape?

Clothes are available in a number of standard sizes, but shape adjustments are often needed.  If you need to be bigger then we recommend eating cake or chocolate.  If you need to be smaller than exercise works well.  Experiment with those and see what adjustments you need to make to fit into your clothes.  If all else fails then try a different size.

3. My hair won’t rez properly in the morning.

This is a common problem in the RL Viewer.  We find it happens most often in the morning, when lots of people are logging in at once.  If you find that your hair is fuzzy then you need to look through your inventory for an object called “Brush”.  Once attached to your hand, the brushing animation should fix your hair issue.

4. It lags!

Have you been drinking?  The RL viewer often gets laggy after a couple of drinks.  The solution is to teleport home and touch your bed for a few hours.  If it’s laggy in the morning then that may be due to the increased demand on the RL servers at that time.  The graphics should get a bit clearer after a couple of minutes and a nice hot cup of tea.

5. I woke up in the street and my ribs hurt.  What did I do wrong?

Most likely you tried to fly off a rooftop.  The physics in the RL viewer are far more advanced than those in the SL viewer, so the landings can be harsh.  New players are advised from an early age to not attempt to leap from tall buildings.

6. Where are the freebies?

Freebies are not as common in RL as they are in SL.  Generally you will be asked to pay for the items you pick up.

7. The RL viewer says that my inworld cash balance is zero.

It would appear that you cleared your cash.  Don’t worry.  Jobs are much easier to find when using the RL viewer.  If you can’t find a suitable job then contact the company who runs the game (often called the government) and they will hand you some of the inworld currency for doing absolutely nothing.  Lots of people use this facility, so you may not get as much as you expect.

7. How do I dance?

First you need to visit a suitable venue;  Your fellow RL viewer users may think it a bit odd if you dance in a park or in the middle of a street.  Once in the venue, wait for the music to start and then shuffle your feet about a bit.  A couple of drinks may help, but beware of the possible lag issues that may result.

8. I asked a random person for sex and they just yelled at me.  What’s going on?

Remember that the RL system is supposed to be a social experience.  It would be best if you got to know some people before asking for sex.  The people you meet while using the RL viewer are often a lot less tolerant than those in SL, and may not appreciate your advances.

9. I’m a vampire.  How can I bite people?

Sorry.  This is not a feature of the current RL viewer.  This facility may be available in a future version.

10. People are just standing around like zombies.  Nobody is talking.  Most of them appear to be in orbit.

You may have started up the SL viewer by mistake and landed somewhere other than the Original London Sims.  You won’t find anything like that in a RL location, or in any SL location that models itself closely upon a RL location.  To fix this problem, you can either log out and start up the RL viewer, or you can remain in SL and teleport to the Original London Sims (featuring Hyde Park and live friendly people).  This isn’t really a RL viewer issue, so this is the best advice we can give.


We hope the above helps, and you enjoy the time you spend using the RL viewer.  If you have any further questions then remember that most new players are assigned one or two mentors when they first rez inworld.  They are your inworld support contacts, and you should feel free to ask them for help and advice at any time. Have fun!


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  1. I tried the RL Viewer once, the graphics were jaw-dropping amazing but the game play sucked :P.

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