Fighting in Hyde Park?

May 30, 2014 • News

London Sims Hyde Park has much to offer for the locals and visitors alike. There is the hub which is the center of action with lots of wonderful people. There are great little spots for couples to cuddle up and relax or for singles to sit and relax also. The atmosphere in the park along with the beautiful decor makes it the ideal place to visit, But the Hyde Park experience doesn’t stop there.
The Events Field in Hyde Park is the place you should check out for a good time, From concerts to theme party’s and much more. Last friday VAW(Virtaul Attitude Wresting) put on one of their wildly popular action packed shows full of all around mayhem. The crowd cheered and applauded at all the spectacular displays of strength as fists, blood, and sweat filled the ring round after round.

Now don’t think that the women of VAW were just going to sit by and let the guys have all the fun. No not these women they got right in there and started raining blow after blow upon each other as the crowd went wild.

I have to say it was a sight to behold and if you missed out you’re in luck. I have heard rumors that more shows are in the works. In the mean time there will be many more events to come to the Park so check back often and ask the locals or better yet check with us as we bring you more news from all around London. I’m often at these awesome events and look forward to seeing some of you there.

*Special thanks to Wendy and Bigga for the Photos*

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