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May 13, 2015 • Furniture, Home & Garden, Homes To Let, News, Rentals, Second Life

Homes Fit for a Princess

Now the royals have taken their own princess home, it’s time we thought about our own homes ‘fit for a princess’. If London were to get it’s own royal baby, which home would be most suitable for this majestic family?

Royal Interiors

London Landlord found the finest interiors in the London Show home and settled in for the afternoon. Musing on the royal baby, he considered his chances of becoming her ‘intended’. He settled deep into this wonderful fantasy of a royal existence. ‘So this is what it’s like to be rich & famous’ he said out loud as he looked at himself in the mirror while brushing his teeth.

Musing the afternoon away, he enjoyed his little dream as he explored the house. He sighed deeply then set off to deal with rental boxes again.

If you ever need his help as a tenant of London, contact one of the London Management team (they can be found in the London Management group).

Your Own London Mansion

Princess Mansions

Mansions Fit For A Princess

London mansions are the finest locations to call your home. They come complete with a spacious plot, great views and even better company. We now have 8 new homes in the ever popular Mayfair region of the London sims. They’re oozing with style, class and luxury at only L$999 lindens a week for a whopping 300 prims!

All have Sunset views and large open plan living with the feel of grandeur and opulence. Your even get own conservatory, roof terrace and private garden.

These fabulous new homes are located in Mayfair and are “Regent Street Homes”.

If you wish to try a taste of luxury, any existing tenant who would like to  relocate to one of the luxury houses please contact Sun (sunbeam5 ).



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