Formality and Frivolity @ 2012 by Jas (Blog 43)

September 30, 2012 • News



Saturday at Club 2012 started off spectacularly with Best in Hats from Retrograde. DJ Donna (left) showed how to wear a hat with style, but, I think, that the prize for the tallest hat should have definitely gone to the avatar in the pic to the right!

Then,it was time for Best in Formal from 2012, and the girls were out in force in their pretty frocks but where were all the guys in suits? Come on boys you are letting the side down – come to 2012 and DRESS UP!

As for the Master and Slave event- I`m afraid it was way past this blogger`s bedtime, and probably just as well, as the pictures may have had to have been censored!

DJ Pyp shows her sophisticated side


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