Freaky Friday got all that more Freaky

May 5, 2012 • News

It was Friday, so in Hyde Park at the 2012 club it was a double team line up of Kief’s Freaky Friday and Crofts 90’S Refresher Night. All started quiet but as ever people started arriving very early just to chat and find out what’s happening at 2012 and in London this weekend.  DJ kief began his warming up the weekend stream and just as the place began to get busy it got bumpy!  I guess that’s why Kief called it Freeky Friday?

Despite the bumps and groans we soon filled up 2012 and as ever, we were all dancing and chatting away to Kiefs great mix of music and listening to him warming up not only the weekend but also his teeth 🙂 sorry Kief but you do get tong tied those first few minuets lol.  There were some great looking avs tonight and even though it was “Come as U R” night, everyone dressed up as usual and looked great!.  As kiefs warm up session came to a close the freakishness continued and the server went BANG, throwing us all over the Sims, but it wasn’t long before we all came back for part two of Friday nights double session, and the one and only DJ Croft.

Dz Womble as always turned up, but this time in one very strange Avatar,  ewww and the Freakishness had finished?  The place was soon full as you can see, and on my particular computer the green sky set off the Avs and the club brilliantly ( love the environment settings 🙂  ).

 We had one or two More bumps but was a great start to the weekend as always and 2012 yet again was the place to be in London, although both Retro and the Coach both got 50+ tonight so well done everyone involved there.

 So much to offer in London, and as you have read in other posts here in the blog, even more opening very soon, and even more fun to be had by all in London.

Sat is here and tonight we have the return of Crofty and Kief double act, but this time its DJ Kief as the main event, and Crofty as the over worked hosty, so be sure to pop by and join in the fun and games always had at 2012, be sure to say high to the Janitor, and let your friends know just where and what were all about.

joe Noir.

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