Freya Laveau and Her Brand New Store in London Sims by Jas (Blog 222)

January 22, 2014 • Beauty & Fashion, News, Shop Rentals

Yesterday, I went to look at a new shop that has just opened in Mayfair -in the London Sims. Laveau Couture is the newest venture of a very talented lady in the London Team. Freya Laveau has been with us for just a few months now, but she already has her “finger in many pies”- as they say. I met her outside the store for a “Get to know you better chat”, and to get some feedback on her business.

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I asked Freya how long she had been in Second Life. She said that she was originally on here about five years ag0, but left after a couple of years.This time, she smiled, she has been back on for 66 days (make that 67 now then). “SL has changed so much over the years,” she mused,”and I am amazed at the new things I see. Now, with mesh the only limits are in your imagination.” Well, Freya`s certainly not lacking in that- just look at some of the wonderful new clothes she has designed.

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Freya was keen to point out that, although these dresses look like they need an attachment, all the shape is included in the dress design-ie. boobs,girls! Not everyone goes for this look,though, and Freya wants to cater for all tastes.She pointed out that she has more normal sizes,too, along with a medium- sized range, “which is for Boob Beginners”, she laughed. Well ,whatever the boob size,  I was like a kid in a candy store when I checked out what was on offer- and at such great prices, too!

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Freya originally started Second Life to improve her English and to make new friends, but she is now bursting with creativity.She`s been building things in the London Sims now for a few months, and still has many more clothing design ideas- including an up and coming men`s range.

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Freya`s choice to put her shop here was obviously influenced by her already working here, but I asked her what it was about London that had attracted her in the first place. She said that, now that she lives in the UK in real life, she wanted to check out SL `s UK places. She smiled that  as soon as she arrived she met Sim Owner and Manager Debs Regent. They got on so well, and she has met so many other “friendly people (here) who welcomed (her) from day one “, that when “Ms Regent asked me to stay,” she laughed, “I did!” I asked her who she would most like to invite from real life into Second Life and why. She answered without any hesitation, “Marilyn Monroe because I would love to design for her. She also seemed like she needed a good friend  and she would have found many here in London.”

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As if she didn`t have enough on her plate Freya had another first this week. It was DJ Fiesty (Freya incognito)`s first official set , and the audience lapped up her electro-swing music. I, as the host, had to save the day, however, when  she shouted out that there seemed to be lots of swingers in the crowd. After a quick whisper in her ear, explaining  the other meaning of that phrase in English, she made a hasty apology. Everything is taken in the lightest way in the London Sims, though, and people joked about it in a friendly manner. During last night`s interview she admitted that one of the strangest things she had seen in Second Life was our old friend Tiny Tim (see previous blog). She said she had thought he was gum on the floor, when he arrived at the event, but suddenly realised he was a minuscule avatar.Freya`s work at the 50s, 60s, and 70s bar Chubby Checkers, in Knightsbridge, has led to her being inspired to create some retro clothes too, which she has promised will be in store soon. I, for one, can`t wait!

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Freya can stay up all night designing sometimes,she admitted, so it`s worth checking her store in Mayfair every morning!

Oh- and DJ Fiesty is playing in the park, along with others, this weekend for our carnival/circus themed event- with many prizes.

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