Music Pumping and Avatars Jumping At London Tube by Jas (Blog 191)

November 24, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

When I arrived at London Tube, in Mayfair, on Friday the atmosphere was already electric. The beat was thumping and the avatars were jumping! DJ Draconia was in charge of the tunes and Manager Destiny was our sexy host. Even the London Sims owner Debs Regent was rocking out with the rest of us. There was lots of friendly chatter, too, as always.

Then, on Saturday, Destiny was on the decks herself, and Debi joined her as host. Debs had joined us again – she had obviously had such a great time the night before! My personal favourite song played was “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. There was a strange furry presence in the form of guest Axan. He  originally wore a suit of armour, and I asked if he was going into battle – to which he replied”yus.”. Then he disappeared off to a sandbox and came back in another outfit sporting a glorious green tail.It takes all sorts to make a Second Life event, and the more originality the better! Again, the conversations were amusing and fun- even though I heard someone say “we shouldn`t say too much in front of the blogger”! Don`t worry guys I`m not out to get you. I just take notes on you all  in order to blackmail you later- joke!

For pics from  Friday 22nd Nov click here-

And for pics of Saturday 23rd Nov click here-

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