Fun Weekend Parties in London – Clowns, Performing Seals and Hulk Hogan!! by Jas (Blog 224)

January 27, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

On Saturday night in Hyde Park,in the London Sims, we had a HUGE  party. We were celebrating all things fun, circus and colour related, and the four hour event was packed!

Snapshot_088 (2)Snapshot_064 (7)

The brilliant DJ`s-Christina (above left) and Fiesty Freya (above, right) worked the crowd up into a dancing frenzy

Snapshot_084 (2)Snapshot_087 (5)

The hard-working hosts were Jayde (above, right) and me- Jas (above.left).

Christina had added some fun dances, so we clicked the giant performing seal`s nose (as you do!)…

Snapshot_069Snapshot_073 (5)


… and joined in to Gangham Style and Thriller, along with headbanging, rave dances and a bit of Shakira hip swaying!


Snapshot_065 (7)Snapshot_082 (3)Snapshot_096 (3)

Both the colours and the avatars moods were vibrant!



Snapshot_071Snapshot_083 (3)


There were prizes of gift cards at Miss Jewell, V-Twins , Laveau Couture and many  other stores around our sims- and we played a little circus trivia to win them. There was also 3K on the board for the  most colourful avatars, so most of you went home richer!



Snapshot_101Snapshot_093 (3)


Then, last night (Sunday) a Hulk Hogan double decided to turn up at Chubby Checkers, and show us some of his moves!



Snapshot_058 (6)Snapshot_052 (5)


Maybe he was a DJ Madhatter (above,right) fan …

Snapshot_050 (12)Snapshot_037 (8)Snapshot_023 (11)


…or maybe he just wanted to check out the pretty girls. I wonder where the girl on the right comes from!

Snapshot_051 (5)


I was host again.

So, whether you want great music to listen and dance to, or fun, colour, excitement and some sexy avies to look at and chat to, the London Sims is the place to come to. We`ll be waiting for you!

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