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May 15, 2015 • Culture & Community, Guys n Geeks, News, People, Second Life

~Ruthless Gamer Women of SL: A Tale~

In my last article, I painted a lovely picture of the London Sim and all the positive vibes I have happily experienced there so far. However, with every good side, there must be a dark side as well. Don’t believe me? See Star Wars! A true story of good versus evil, light against dark and all that bullshit.

Like Star Wars, Hyde Park has a seedy side as well. A true horror show that should make every man quiver at the mere whisper of them…LADY GAMERS!

Now, let’s get this straight right from the start, before I get a bunch of emails and instant messages. I am not in any way, shape, or form stating that women are bad gamers, not at all. In fact, they are just the opposite! Women in Second Life are ruthless when it comes to their gaming pass-time. Frakin relentless, in fact! They win, and when they do, they let you know it! Over and over again!

Frankly, my gaming time is somewhat limited to Hyde Park with friends and the regulars of the London Sims. Although, every now and again I may wander a bit into role-playing  and delve a little more into that side of gaming, if the feeling hits me. But, for the most part, I stick to tabletop games like Cards Against Humanity, Greedy, Slurbage and En Garde. Four games, that in my experience, women show their true colors while playing. Win or lose, it brings out the best..errr…make that.. beast.. in them!

Mind you, I clearly understand that winning is based on luck, hope, and a possible sacrifice to the RNG gods during some of these games, ensuring victory, at best, can be a hit or miss. No matter, from a man’s perspective, women make the transition from the soft-spoken ladies we have come to know so well in the HUB, to chew-on-your-guts and spit em in your face gamer chicks, should a serious challenge be issued and possibly stand in their way of a win.

  Cards Against Humanity, the name itself speaks volumes to the types of people it enlists to do its bidding of inappropriateness and crude humor. Both are qualities of this card game that seem to keep the popularity of CAH in high regards among both female and male gamers equally. Admittingly, it is fun to see what irreverent slices of humanity your friends slap down to gross out the rest of the table. It is a game where the men are fully expected to throw down a boob card, drop Hot Pockets, or play into a triple card/midget with a boner haiku and think nothing of it.

But the women! The women are shocking! I have literally witnessed normally shy, reserved women, throw out a card that reads Kids with Ass Cancer or Big Black D*ck, and go on to win the game with their sudden onset of forced out depravity. Cards Against Humanity just has a knack of temporarily drawing out a tinge of darkness from some people and slapping it right across their forehead for all to see. I did not last long playing CAH. Sadly, the card pool is very small and extremely limited within the Second Life version. Thus, the game lost its fun factor for me.

Final verdict: Many twisted revelations exposed. Women you think you know, you really do not!


On Guard!

Even my nice, sweet, innocent partner is a vastly changed and different woman when I scrape up some bravado and find the nerve to face her in a game of En Garde. Amanda is a sword-fighter extreme. An assassin in disguise. She even carries her own personalized gut sticker to skewer me with at any chance she gets. It is not losing to her that concerns me though. It is what she turns into each time we have a match. Her shy, soft, Aussie voice, one that often speaks of butterflies, unicorns and rainbows, quickly turns into the war-cry of a demon risen on the game board. Her taunts of, “Come at me, Mother F*$&*r!” and “I am going to f*cking kill you!” are obviously her way of unsettling me enough  into securing a solid win for her. Problem is, it works! I have won a total of two matches over the course of the many battles we have played. I have a personalized sword as well. It was a very manly weapon when I first bought it. Now, it just seems to be drooping a little more than usual these days.

Final verdict: A full on exorcism of Amanda is required.

I am not giving up the games I play in Second Life. I love them too much. I have just decided to play them with less frightening people….men.

Until next time!


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2 Responses to The Games We Play!

  1. Alan Laroway says:

    I fear for you buddy, I really do! Such sweet people turning into demonic spawns of Satan with merely a game on, lmao.

    • Surreal Skytower says:

      Ha Ha, true that, Alan! I know both you and I have been on the receiving end of their scorn! But, what great times they are! 🙂

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