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March 11, 2014 • Avination, News, Social Media

Ever Wanted To Be On Real Life TV?

Now’s your chance. Avination is calling for couples who met online to put their hands up and declare their love in public. What better opportunity can you get to be on TV and get to declare your love for your partner?

Second Life Couple

Virtual World Couple

Check out the blog to see that RL production company Back2Back productions are wanting to hook up with loved-up couples who managed to make it to Real Life. Looking for the opposite of Catfish, where people arent’ what they seem to be, Back2back are looking for people where in real life, the are more than their partner’s dreams. If you are on of these couples and are happy to ‘go public’ then contact them. Who knows’ you may even become the new Kelly & Michael or Richard & Judy from your fame and become a famous TV chat show couple.

Couple 01

Becomes RL Couple

The UK Factual documentary maker Back2Back Productions is looking for couples taking part in a documentation movie about the story of their love. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Back2Back productions is looking for couples who met in a virtual world, fallen in love through their avatars and their love evolving into the ‘real world’. They like to speak with people who have a solid relationship or marriage as the result of their meeting in a virtual world.
The documentary will be an entirely positive exploration of these relationships and plans to overturn people’s misconceptions through honest storytelling.

The relationship can be a long distance relationship but at least one of the partners should live in the UK. All kinds of couples are welcome.

If you are in a relationship that started through online avatars, or know someone who is, please get in touch with Melanie Milland or Saphira Cortes of Avination or directly with Back2Back productions under or on

01273 22770001273 227700. All conversations will be strictly confidential.


Take a look here for more information:

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