Getting Started in Second Life – Part 1

October 25, 2014 • News

London Hyde Park serves as a social hub and new user greeting area. Many first time players become overwhelmed with amount of learning it takes to navigate the user interface and customize their avatar to their liking. Though a new user experience trail in Hyde Park answers many questions regarding user interface that new players may have, an in-depth explanation of avatar customization will not be found, nor will any step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the user interface to make these changes be available. By following a few simple steps, new users can easily understand the basic concepts of Second Life and begin their journey to creating their very own experience.

Six factors individualize avatars from one another.

1. SHAPE: This is the body form of the avatar which includes factors of height, weight, head size, etc.

2. SKIN: Somewhat self-explanatory, the skin of an avatar distinguishes color, muscle tone, makeup, etc.

3. HAIR: Also self-explanatory, hair in Second Life varies in color, length, style, etc.

4. ANIMATION OVERRIDE: Also known as AO, this makes the avatar move, walk, sit, and fly with style. New user avatars do not come equipped with an AO.

5. CLOTHING: Visit this link to read about clothing choices in Second Life.

6. PROFILE: Personalizing the user’s profile is very important. Meeting new people and making many experienced friends will help new users become better equipped to using Second Life, and having an interesting profile will make other people more inclined to interact.


Freebies in Mayfair

Almost all of the concrete components listed above can be found in London Mayfair’s Shopping center. Though most all high-quality avatar components come at a reasonably low price, some new users prefer not to spend any money on developing their avatar. The Freebies shop in Mayfair offers items for stylish but thrifty new user in Second Life. To learn more and get step-by-step instructions on how to customize new avatars even further, stay tuned for Getting Started in Second Life – Part 2. Questions or comments about this article? Be sure to post a comment below!

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