Graham Collinson and his Knightsbridge Underground Gallery by Jas (Blog 190)

November 23, 2013 • Culture & Community, Merchant Spotlight, News

My first question to Graham Collinson, Owner of the Knightsbridge Underground gallery, was “What inspired you to start your business in Second Life”, but it was question he found difficult to answer.He smiled that he didn`t really think of is as a business – despite having his photographs for sale. So, I rephrased the question and asked “What inspires you in your art work. This was obviously a better question to ask an artist and photographer! He answered that he “never really figured” but said it “keeps (him) logging in every day.” He adds, too, quite modestly I thought, that he “never wanted to be famous and be praised by everyone.”

When I asked why he picked the London Sims to exhibit in he laughed that it was his friend Bianca who had recommended the place. He says that “her words are always my law” and that she is “truly the most amazing woman” he has ever met. She was certainly wise to pick London!

Graham first heard about Second Life in an article about the Swedish embassy opening here- he laughs that he isnt even Swedish!  He took the plunge and joined in 2008, but thanks to a really frightening sounding stalker he had to reinvent himself as Graham in 2009. His real life mother is an artist and he spent the "last twenty years denying art whatsoever" but admits that he "couldnt keep it inside any longer”, and tells me not to tell his mum. Lets hope shes not reading this or the catll be out of the bag!
He photographs all kinds of things. He says, though that he really believes in erotic photography as an art form- dont worry all Knightsbridge Underground pics are suitable to be viewed by everyone- but he says quite a few artists disagree with him. On his profile is the Flickr link to some of his more naughty photos, but Id probably better not post the link here! After discussing that,I almost didn`t ask him what the “strangest things he has seen in SL” were. Thankfully though he realised that we are not an adult sim and said that he “get(s) intrigued by all the people mixing love, possession and jealously on SL.”

He says that if he could he would invite real life guitarist Graham Coxon, who he thinks is “extraordinary”, and he also “paints the most moving pics.”

Some of Graham`s pics are  a  bit risque, but quite artistic,  so go and check out his gallery in Knightsbridge- in the London sims.  Who knows you might find the perfect picture to decorate your Second Life home.

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