Gravenlore’s Birthday Party

May 25, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Happy Birthday Gravenlore!

Gravenlore’s Birthday Party was hosted by Jules with music provided by DJ Jolanda Rose. When asked for a quote, Jules said ” GRAVENS `POPCORN PARTY` WENT WITH A BANG!”


Gravenlore at his Birthday Party




I pressed Jules to tell me more about the party, so on to …

Jules’ Version of Events

One of our regular visitors to Hyde Park, Gravenlore, had a birthday. So we decided to make it special for him. I was told he would like a `popcorn party` (lol). So myself, Jolanda and Lyrical took off for Chubby’s club. I decorated it in about 10 minutes with balloon arches, popcorn carts and even had a `popcorn poofer` where buckets of popcorn would spew out of my bum..(Only in SL).


Graven's Birthday

Jules at Graven’s Party



DJ Jolanda

Jolanda was our DJ, and she did a great job. Graven was so excited and very very happy. In his own words, he said `I love you guys so much`. – Which makes it all worthwhile.


Graven's Birthday

DJ Jolanda Rose



Surreal Dancing

We all had a laugh when Surreal found the dances. He got all sexed up and became the smexiest girl on the dance floor. Check out his moves in the Album at the bottom.

It was a shame his bromance partner, Shadow, wasn’t getting involved. He was too busy checking out everyone’s accents. He may have a thing about the way a lady talks?

20150524 Graven's Birthday_009

Surreal with Shadow and Jules looking on



Popcorn Parties

It was a totally ‘Popcorn’  party! There was a light-hearted atmosphere and everyone was having a great time. Considering it was planned at the last minute – there were LOADs of people there. Obviously Graven has heaps of friends who’ll drop things at the last minute to celebrate his birthday with him.

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