The Green Room in London’s Knightsbridge

October 11, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Enter ‘The Green Room’

The Green Room is hidden deep in the bowels underground in Knightsbridge.

green room

The Green Room Entrance

It’s a place where you can listen to a mix of Live Music and DJ’s – all choosing to play when they want where they want.

What is a Green Room?

A Green Room is a place where artists and performers relax before and after going on stage. It’s informal and comfortable – at least that’s the idea anyway.

Visitors mingling and relaxing

It’s a safe haven from being ‘on stage’ and both audience and performers can relax together.

It’s real honour to ever be invited into a ‘green room’ in real life. It’s where you mingle informally with stars.

Some great new stars

London’s Knightsbridge Green Room is a place where artists can play in a casual relaxed environment.

London’s Green Room

The Green Room’s a no pressure environment for improvisation. Real Artists and Real DJs perform here in these informal surroundings.

The green room is located beneath the flower beds in Knightsbridge, near to the other clubs in London. The green room is provided for artists and guests (the “talent”) to wait before being called for their appearance, or to wait between appearances. Performers traditionally use the green room for warm-up exercises and “psyching up”.

DJ Draconia plays The Green Room

The green room is also used in a relaxed way after the show for gatherings with talent, crew, invited guests and/or audience members. It doubles as a general social room.

Like other Green rooms, the one in London is decorated green. London’s green room adopts a shabby chic theme which helps relax talent and keep them occupied. The theme includes memorabilia, posters, etc. What can you find here?

Origin of the term “Green Room”

This is something no one knows for certain. Its first recorded reference was in a 1678 play by Thomas Shadwell called The True Widow. The quote was: “No, Madam: Selfish, this Evening, in a green Room, behind the Scenes, was before-hand with me”.

The Green Room is a great place for relaxing and unwinding

Another, more obvious mention was made in the 1701 book Love Makes Man by Colley Cibber: “I do know London pretty well, and the Side-box, Sir, and behind the Scenes; ay, and the Green-Room, and all the Girls and Women Actresses there”. It’s said that this reference is to the Drury Lane theatre.

Perhaps the ‘Green Room’ originated because it’s another term for the stage, the room often being to one side of the stage. Or maybe it’s because green is a relaxing colour and it made performers feel at ease. I know my one time in a green room waiting to come on air at the BBC in Manchester was pretty nerve wracking. I’m sure the green walls helped to sooth my nerves.

A great place to simply hang out

One thing for sure, London’s Green Room is a great place to be. Great artists have already played here and many more are planned too. If you’re an artist and are interested in a performance here, contact Roach Draconia. He’s waiting to hear from you!

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